Nourish Your Skin with our Plant Based Program

It's time to fall back in love with your kitchen. It is time to fall back in love with your body. We need to take the time to reconnect, and realign. I am offering you the best way to do this. It starts with support and motivation. You add in dense nutrition and healthy choices. We start with ten days, and keep working on change over four months together!

Over the years I have worked with so many clients and I know that there is always this fear of tackling something new. Over this last month I have taken on two new wellness items. First I started working out with Maxine Jones through her live streaming portal. I have done mostly Les Mills and Beachbody programs as a personal trainer for the last ten years, however I felt an instant connection with Maxine and her fun style of fitness. So even though I am half way around the world from her classes, I signed up and started doing them a few times a week in my office. I am loving it!

Second I started a face yoga bootcamp. If you watch KUWTK you saw face yoga on the last episode. So far I am loving it and loving the community. I don't know when I have been more welcomed, or loved on than I have been in the last few weeks.

So what I am saying is that even in what I do in my business, I look for ways to take myself out of my comfort zone because I know the benefit of trying something new, and what possibilities it opens up for my life. Who knows, I may fly to London just to workout with Maxine, or become a certified face yoga consultant. One never knows.

So with my programs I try to make it so that it is both affordable and that you get the most bang for you buck. I know that my clients love having simple to follow starts, and then they desire something that allow them to create their change with total ease. So I have created an online portal where you will get access to meal plans and recipes for the life of your commitment to this challenge.

If you aren't gluten-free, you will be for at least ten days of this program. If you know who I am talking about when I said I was working out with Max, then you know who Sally Bee is as well. She went gluten-free recently to support a friend and was shocked at how much better she felt. There is a connection to the way that these items are grown, fertilized, spray, created that is not aligned to our gut health. When you remove it, and in fact when you go non-gmo and gluten-free there is a huge change you are going to feel in your body.

We also go dairy-free because of the connection to the inflammation dairy causes, and the grains that the animals eat. If you are like myself and my daughter it won't take long before your breathing feels lighter and your brain fog starts to clear. You can learn more about why I recommend gluten-free and dairy free living by watching my how-to video here.

We supplement with dense non-gmo nutrients. This is where you select your level.

Nourish Your Skin Basic : Berrylicious Package : With this package you will be using blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries, and elderberries and other powerful and healthful antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to nourish your capillaries and support your cardiovascular system. This package will run you just under $30 US per month over our four month program. You will also get access to a five day starter meal plan, and the Paleo Vegeo curated recipe library and added into our support group on Facebook if you desire that.

Nourish Your Skin Premium : Glowing Skin Package : This package includes the berry blend, and also the complete omegas to help your skin glow, and protect it from sun damage from the inside out. Containing plant-based combination of  your omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids (including DHA, EPA and ALA) that have been derived from fruits, algae and seed oils.

Dr. Will Clower PHD wrote recently about the latest research that: "When people took 10 grams of omega-3 fatty acid fish oil over 3 and 6 months, researchers discovered that the fatty acids were being deposited into the skin of the subjects. Once there, they seemed to protect the skin from sunburn. ... More impressive was the fact that this protective effect was totally time dependent. For example, the longer you took them, the greater the amount deposited into your skin, and (as you would guess) the greater the protection against UV radiation. Another exceptional discovery about this effect is that it lasted 10 weeks before the skin went back to its pre-omega-3 fatty acid levels."

Fish oil can contain mercury and the capsules they use have to be heated up in order to manufacture them. Currently fewer than one person in five in the US eats fish at least twice a week, which is good. The ocean needs us to slow down our damage to it's ecosystem. The fish get the omega-3s from algae, and so shouldn't we just skip the middle man? 

Thankfully these are cold pressed without any fish, and by harvesting the omegas from the original algae source instead of fish and using a cold-pressing technique for all of the seeds and the capsules you get a purity of vital nutrition with a fear of toxins and without damaged fatty acids. This package will run you just under $65 US per month over our four month program. You will also get access to a five day starter meal plan, the Paleo Vegeo curated recipe library and added into our support group on Facebook if you desire that. + http:/

Nourish Your Skin Elite : Make Me Over Package :  This package is all in nutrition. You will get the berry blend, the omega blend, and then two full blends of garden vegetables and fruits. It isn't just about how you look, it is about how you feel. A recent study found that failing to fill up on plants can make things like depression and anxiety even worse.  Increasing your diet by just four extra portions of fruit and four extra portions of veg a day can boost your mental health.

Dr Redzo Mujcic, co-author of the study said that the effect is not something small. "If people eat around seven or eight portions of fruit and vegetables a day the boost in mental wellbeing is as strong as divorce pushing people the other way, to a depressed state."

The study was called “Lettuce Be Happy”, led by researchers at Leeds and York Universities in the United Kingdom which analyzed data from 40,000 Brits and found that a positive link between eating fruits and vegetables and people’s self-reported well-being. The benefit is that with juice concentrate powder from 30 different fruits and vegetables, this provides you with the valuable nutrients you need that traditional multivitamins just can’t provide. As well this package will only run you just about $100 US per month over our four month program and you will get everything your body is craving.  

You will also get access to the five day starter meal plan that you can double up and use for our monthly ten day program, and access to the Paleo Vegeo curated recipe library that contains almost 200 vegan and paleo recipes. You'll also get the personal support through our group on Facebook if you desire that.

Paleo Vegeo Meal Plan and Curated Recipe library I Barbara Christensen

Nourish Your Skin Meals : Add On Meal Replacement : This package can be added on or done alone and includes your complete mix in a vegan whole food shake. We have made it so simple. You take the capsules from the package you have selected, and drink two shakes daily. We make it easy with the Whole Foods + 2 Shakes + 2 Snacks + 1 Healthy Salad In A Jar (or soup or healthy meal) program. Super simple for our busy lives. The smartest thing we can do is take this opportunity when it really makes such an impact so quickly. You are completely fulfilling every bit of nutrient needs your body needs in the most affordable way possible!  This add on will give you three months in the Shred program (2 shakes per day for 10 days each month) during the four month program.

This year on June 7 it is World Food Safety Day and we've seen a lot of food recalls in the last two years. A lot of those were vegetables and recently my favorite melons were recalled from Whole Fodos. I love that I have never had a recall on these gems, and I don't expect that to ever happen. I am getting all of those servings of plants with ease, and it gives me so many benefits beyond just looking younger than ever.

Yet I have to mention that in the yoga group I joined we were asked to post a photo and then a little about ourselves. At the time of this website post over 200 people have been shocked by my photo and over 140 have asked how I look so young and what is my secret. My messenger has been blowing up. Yet it's so simple. The only thing I can clearly showcase as a change as my skin started improving was a consistent use of this program. As I was posting it I thought, well that is a cruddy photo. Who knew that so many people are looking for the secret to heal their skin and to feel beautiful from the inside out. Also stop using toxin skin care products.I wash my skin with water most day, even after wearing mineral makeup. I apply oil and a water based moisturizer and call it a day.

If you learn to do what Max tells us, "Love your bodies girls!" then the rest is easy. Choose the easy button.



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