Biohacking Your Keto Diet With Plants

Biohacking Your Keto Diet With Plants

Who is ready to create a new body with a Spring Detox?! It's time to revisit this and biohack your keto plan by making it plant heavy. Tomorrow I will be getting into more about why this is essential.

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As you get yourself ready to make some possibly new changes to your diet, it is important for you to understand why it is you are detoxing.

Spring brings on a feeling of rebirth and energy, and it is important for us to clean out the toxins in our body so we are not impeding this renewed sense of life and growth. Do you know where your body stores toxins?

Let’s start with your blood, where those water soluble toxins get cleared out and released. Normally within 30 minutes to a few hours your body can clear out those water soluble toxins, however it’s complicated when the liver and kidneys get overloaded and the body gets hit with more toxins again and again instead of clearing them out. How many times a day are you exposed to the water soluble toxins like Heavy metals (arsenic, thallium, cadmium, lead, etc), Chlorinated pesticides and BPA? It is that repeated exposure that can create this toxic overload.

Persistent tissue residues and chronic toxicity in animals have been seed because of the use of chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds, even though it has been reduced during past years. Lindane and methoxychlor are approved for use on or around livestock. Detectable residues of some chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides, including BHC, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, lindane, and oxychlordane, can be found in fatty tissue after acute or chronic exposure. How many animal fats are you eating in your daily ketogenic diet?

As well, how many exposures to BPA do you have in a day? Besides plastic bottles, there is all of the polycarbonate plastics used in sports safety equipment like those bicycle helmets, shin guards and goggles.Polycarbonate plastic are also often used in electronic equipment housing units, including your cell phones, laptops, tablet computers, electronic game consoles and handheld computer gaming units. The strength of polycarbonate helps prevent the housing units from breaking and polycarbonate films help prevent scratches on the screens. Also it’s used to create the protective epoxy on your CDs and DVDs. Food containers, steel outdoor and indoor furniture, and so much more. How many receipts do you get handed in a day?

You also are born with toxins already, but the most important toxin from the womb in my opinion is Lead. Lead is functionally so similar to calcium, and another similar heavy metal is cadmium. We pull calcium into our bones whenever they need it, but most importantly when the bones need to be built up. So how much lead or cadmium did you pull into your bones when you were in the womb? How many times have you damaged your bones and your body just keeps putting more of these toxins through those calcium receptors into your bones because they are like twins, and your body has a hard time telling them apart? Lead may no longer be in the paint in your home, but it still is in a lot of lubricants, cigarette smoke, and some cosmetics and hair dyes. As well it is in foods because of the high levels of lead often found in the soil, and in the cigarette smoke that you inhale either via smoking or second hand smoke. Was your supplement, shake or green powder shown to have high levels of lead in it? If so, now you know why it is important, and why I take my supplement choices so seriously.

These toxins that your Grandmother was exposed to, are in your bones if you haven’t detoxed them out. Do you love coriander? In an animal study, coriander decreased lead absorption into bone (where heavy metals often settle). {} Great to combine this with cilantro, or a good gut gobbling detoxification supplement like coconut charcoal. Perfect in the keto rice recipe in our keto guide for the Ketolicious Reset. {}

Most of your toxins, however, are stored in your fat cells, as you probably have heard before. Fat soluble toxins include Mercury, PCBs, Solvents (benzene, xylene, gasoline, etc) and Dioxins, to name a few. Have you ever heard of the the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS)? The primary function of this group was to conduct an annual survey from 1970 to 1989 to collect and chemically analyze human adipose tissue specimens for the presence of toxic chemicals. They found that all human fat samples contained traces of four industrial solvents, and one dioxin. {U.S. EPA. National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (Nhats). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., 747-R-94-001, 1994.}

You may look at your body and say that you can see all of the places you are storing fat soluble toxins. What about your brain, which happens to be at least 60%, but up to 80% fat? Also what about our nerves? Did you know that you nerves are protected by a sheath of fat cells that are also very important to the proper cell signalling functions? How many of you are reading this with a major moment of clarity? How much toxic laden animal fat do you want to eat now? This is why this heavily plant-based keto program is so essential for us all, in my belief. You BODY WANTS those healthy fats.

This ketogenic lifestyle change is so important, but most important because with the changes I will share with you the liver will be supported. Our liver is responsible for getting rid of harmful substances in your body, and the gallbladder which stores bile from the liver and affects your digestion. Bile, which is produced by the liver, is a greenish-yellow fluid that is stored in the gallbladder. It is essential for digesting fats and for eliminating our worn-out red blood cells and certain toxins from your body. It takes four months from birth to death of our red blood cells. Four months to make a big impact in the level of toxicity in your blood cells.

These organs work together to help support your mood, a strong immune system, as well as an overall healthy, clean, and at peace feeling in your life. When you are digesting, the gut becomes selectively permeable so that the lymphatic system may pick up absorbed fats and carry them to the liver. This is like a “good” leaky gut and the only time you want to hear the words gut and permeable in the same sentence. These good fats then get turned into cholesterol, cell membranes, hormones, brain cells and skin cells. Any bad fats are processed and marked for elimination hopefully through your bile, which is absorbed by insoluble fiber. Soluble and insoluble fiber both come from plants, not animals, and are forms of carbohydrates. The good carbohydrates that we want. That insoluble fiber gathers up the bad fats and exits the body as fecal matter. As my favorite book says, Everybody Poops. This is the reason why eating diet high in dietary fiber is so important.

That is also why it is important to cleanse; and Spring, being the start of warmer and more active seasons, makes the perfect time!

We all have our own personal reasons for taking on a Spring detox as well.

Take some time to really look within and find your reason, is it just to be healthier? Maybe you want to lose weight, or improve your eating habits. Whatever your reason, explore it and make sure you are clear on why you are here. This will be extremely helpful in motivating you when you are starting to feel challenged or tempted to quit.

Once you are clear on why you want to detox, write it down on a blank piece of paper, then hang it somewhere you will see it often, such as the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Also, if you have not printed out your detox materials, please take the time to do that today. Any obstacles you can think of, write those down on a paper and rip them up, and toss them away. The quicker you destroy those negative beliefs they better.

Tomorrow ....



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