Archetypal Level Quantum Analysis

I love how my coaching has incorporated an energetic approach over the years to biohack my system, and my client's systems with technology that is based on some thousand year old ideas. Ever wonder what your energy field says about you?

Archetype Encoding (AE) is a sensitive and sophisticated approach to efficiently delivering Information rich packets of stimulation to a person. AE is built upon the triune foundation of the Experience/Sign/Symbol (ESS) dynamic. Each and every phenomenon generates an experience and that experience manifests highly specific signs. These signs are an intimate extension of the experience into consciousness. The specificity of these signs in consciousness allows them to become recognizable at an Archetypal level as symbols. From that time, any encounter of Consciousness with the Symbol evokes the related Experience even without the original phenomenon.

The melding of Experience/Sign/Symbol occurs as a conditioning by repeated association. This dynamic is also found at the heart of Morphic Resonance in which the Phenomenon becomes a symbolic imprinting of itself. In a sense, the Symbol is brought to life and the ESS collapses into a single twin entity with the phenomenon.Carl Yung famously recognized the super-structure of encoded Symbols and called it the Collective Unconscious.The Collective Unconscious is populated by Archetypes of both higher and lower orders.The principle of the gradual formation of Archetypes runs parallel to Sheldrake's principle of Morphic Resonance. These Quantum Biofeedback sessions are widely recognized as a beneficial and effective treatment choice for so many areas. It uses a non-invasive, sophisticated technology based on bioenergetics and quantum physics that energetically scans your body from head to toe measuring your subtle vocal energies against a healthy matrix of over 9,000 frequencies of health and wellness. Within minutes, it provides a comprehensive analysis of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stressors and energetic imbalances and organizes these results in a comprehensive report. In return you get this encoding biofeedback to help rework your energetic field.

Archetype Encoding can be thought of as a "translation" of the Experience generated by a phenomenon into a set of audial Symbols. In a relaxed state, the Consciousness of the subject can receive the stimulation and decode the Information at a non-intellectual level. It parallels the way a listener can "get" the message in music without being able to put it into words. It is simply a different kind of knowing.

All complex systems are open to a continual flow of Information. Without Information, energies are aimless and matter crumbles. Each and every organism has its own native language and Information is constantly being encoded and decoded as it passes through the pathways of Nature's network of interdependence.

Yogic Science has probed ESS for thousands of years.From the earliest forms, "Cosmic Sounds or Words" have been recognized as having an innate potency when combined with Consciousness.The Shabda Brahman is the transcendental sound described in the Vedic Scriptures and serves as the basis for many classes of mantra, hymns and prayers.In Tantric concepts, the sound in its primary stage a psychic vibration or vibrating modulation of Consciousness.The experience of Sound is the perception of this vibration in Consciousness.The Sound as Symbol is the entanglement of Meaning, Message, Memory, Motion and Matter.

In Yogic Science, vowel sounds are considered expressions of the Shiva aspect of Reality and consonant sounds that of the Shakti. One could say the vowels are associated with Consciousness/Spirit and the consonants with Manifestation/Matter.In order for a consonant to be expressed, it needs a vowel.In Archetype Encoding, the sound vibration characteristic of every vowel and consonant is coupled methodically with its parallel audial frequency.In this way, each grouping of sounds acts as a creative force that manifests in Consciousness and transfer instantly to the energetic and material aspects of the body. AE is a technical design based on the very act of creation that permeates every moment of Life and Nature.

The positive effects of Archetype Encoding are at their best when the person relaxes their body, opens their mind and heart and breathes naturally. Just listen without effort or expectation. It's like laying back and looking up at the stars….through your ears!

Quantum Biofeedback analysis is a discovery process that can reveal possible root causes of many different issues. Instead of guessing about decisions, you can see exactly what is happening in your energy field, and make decisions that are in resonance and will have the most impact.

In addition to the valuable information the Quantum Biofeedback provides, it then "feeds back" to your energy field energetic frequencies to harmonize, reduce reactivity and stress, and restore optimal energy flow. 

Quantum Biofeedback analyzes 28 panels in 3 categories - Body, Mind, and Biofield. 



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