Chakras and the Ayurvedic Practice

I use Western medicine as needed, but if you have followed me then you know I am more into the holistic approach. In Western medicine, doctors look at the body, its organs, and blood vessels and so on, in order to check for disease and try to find a cure. In Ayurvedic (EYE-your-VEE-dik) medicine from India, practitioners of this ancient form of healing look at the energies in the body to explain disease and dis-ease. In doing so, they can then balance the energy in the body.

My ND did this whole holistic sinus - iris contraction test on me at our last appointment a few months ago where she took her flashlight and shined it at my sinuses and eyes. You can do this at home in a slightly darker room. Wait a minute to allow your pupils to dilate (open) fully. Then, shine your flashlight into your eyes, and watch the reaction of your pupils for at least 30 seconds.

What happens is that the light normally causes your iris to contract, making your pupils smaller. Normally, they should stay that way, however that's different if you have adrenal gland fatigue. Then the iris will be weak and will not be able to hold the contraction. You iris will either waver between contracted and relaxed, or will contract initially, but then open up after 10-30 seconds. So why am I talking about adrenals, while the chakra system is linked to your endocrine system. Each of our glands are connected to one of our seven chakras. So the Ayurvedic doctor (and the ND's that lean into Ayurvedic practices) can tap into those seven powerful energy centers of the body, that we call chakras, in order to increase health, vitality, and greater mental and spiritual powers.

The word chakra means wheel or vortex in in the ancient language Sanskrit. I love Sanskrit. My coaching business is Bija (seed) as I was planting my future. So if we think about the wheel of life, our chakras are pictured as being located at certain points of the body and are viewed as a flat disk spinning from the back of the body to the front and back around again.

The seven chakras, their location and their colors are:

1-The Root Chakra - buttocks,-red

2-The Navel, Sex or Sacral Chakra – belly button, orange

3-The Solar Plexus Chakra – the spot just underneath the center of your rib cage, yellow

4-The Heart Chakra - the center of your chest, green

5-The Throat Chakra - your neck,blue

6-The Third Eye Chakra - the point between your eyes just above the bridge of your nose, indigo

7-The Crown Chakra - the top or crown of your head, violet

When I was attuned in Reiki I had my eyes closed and there was this little spark that I saw, and it seemed to be far away. After that I slowly saw colors and it went through all of the colors of the seven chakras we are talking about today. I completely understand why that is now, but let's just say it was a magical unicorn experience.

So when we're out of balance and we get an energy healing session, why do we feel so much better? Chakras that are out of balance can result in a range of health and relationship issues. Chakras that are in balance can lead to harmony, prosperity, and high mental and spiritual power.

If a doctor were to cut us open, they would not see the chakras. This is because they are contained within the subtle energy body. There are also three main channels in the body, the right, left and central channels. The right and left are narrow and balance male and female energies and are pictured as white and red. They begin at the navel chakra and meet at the third eye chakra in the middle of your forehead.

All of the chakras are connected via the central channel, pictured as broad, white and just a bit in front of your spinal column. It runs from your root to your crown chakra. Working to balance each chakra or move energy up and down the central channel is said to promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your life or experiencing poor health, it might be time to explore Ayurvedic medicine to balance your chakras and improve your life or have a distance energy healing session done. How it works is that you purchase the session. I will email you for a time and ask for a photo to use in my healing practice. At that time you will find a quite spot to lie down, and receive the universal energy source. It's really amazing, and I'd love to share this gift with you.



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