Is The Isagenix Athlete A Cure For Oxidative Stress?

Is The Isagenix Athlete A Cure For Oxidative Stress?  I Paleo Vegeo

I have talked about Isagenix before because it seems to be one of the most popular network marketing products around the globe with their push to cleanse your body. Your body does need a daily detox, but I don't believe in that manner. Supplementation as well as whole foods are also a big part of my lifestyle and I have to be sure any supplementation is going to naturally support my body in a healthy manner with as many real whole food sources as possible. Research says that it doesn't matter what type of sports your active in (soccer, wrestler or basketball) as none of these have an impact on the levels of oxidative status markers. 
Elite sports engagement is a potent stimulus of oxidative stress that leads to the large recruitment of antioxidative defense implicating that oxidative stress status should be monitored. Consumption of antioxidants is recommended as a part of training regime.(1) 
So are you getting what you need?? That's the big question. I look at a lot of products out there and I am generally not that fond of most of them for my personal training clients.

The IsaPro is whey product with stevia and "natural flavors" and ionic alfalfa (a proprietary blend of alfalfa juice concentrate and plant-based minerals). I could see using just a plain plant-based protein before your workout if you were bulking, but for myself I think that aminos are more inportant as so many of us can't even process our proteins correctly to get those aminos, and if needed micronized creatine.

The IsaLean Shake, which is also using an undenatured whey and flaxseed, has a LOT of added vitamins in the mix. I don't get that unless they were trying to be the cheaper Shakeology. The IsaLean is sweetened with yucca root, honey, vanilla bean and about 14 grams of sugar. Wow... they come from the sugar post workout group. As well the vitamins are not methylated, and you know I'm big on that for those of you with MTHFR or other methylation issues like myself. Here in the US MTHFR has been determined to impact most of the population in some way if you listen to Dr. Ben Lynch. I know that at least 25% have the double mutation like myself where we really have to make sure we aren't getting faked out synthetics in our supplementation.

The plant based easy to digest vegan gluten-free mix that I usually use has a non-gmo premium plant-based protein blend that keeps you feeling fuller longer. It also incorporates those soluble and insoluble fibers that are those prebiotics that healthy bacteria need to optimize so much in our gut. The more we know about gut health, the more we're realizing that the gut is the center of the universe. And if you haven't read yet, gut microbiota regulates antioxidant metabolism. So important! Gut microbiome regulate glutathione which directly impacts your oxidative stress.(2) When we work out we are going to use up all of our ATP energy, and we're going to start seeing oxidative stress in our system. Now I have seen that Isagenix does have some fruit powder that is concentrate fruit, but I couldn't find a label for it listed anywhere. I did find their concentrated Greens supplement label, and it did contain gluten as well as other things. The rest didn't matter because I don't do gluten.

The Ionix Supreme has what they call their proprietary blend of fruit extracts, and blackstrap molasses. You can google about all of the benefits of blackstrap molasses, but you are here on this site because you are living a different life, a paleo vegetarian life. It goes through three boilings of the sugar syrup and the majority of sucrose from the original juice has been crystallized. The blackstrap molasses is still mostly sugar by calories. Blackstrap molasses goes through extensive boiling and probably destroys the integrity of the product.  And so If I did drink their shake, I would have to look for my nutrition else where. So I looked at their Essentials for Women. It also contains synthetic vitamins that I cannot absorb and use in my methylated MTHFR mess of a system. 

I don't care who you are, because I know that every athlete has a limit to how much oxidative stress they can handle. So what do you want to use, you elite athletes, aging marathoners and moms looking for more energy that want to get more out of their workout. I'm a believer in the less is more approach to whole foods, and so it doesn't seem like a hard decision to make. Go with the more natural and science based solution of a product that is truly whole foods for your supplementation. It will have a nutrition label for whole foods not a supplement label. Both my encapsulated fruits and veggies, and my gluten-free protein meal replacement are just whole foods, and both vegan. For something like the micronized creatine or your vegan omegas you are going to find supplement labels. But limit supplements to those you really need. Of course both of these are not vegan, and so you may want to look at other options for your pegan lifestyle.

why I won't use  Isagenix products I paleo

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