Vegan Low Carb Paleo Waffles

I crave waffles... all the time. I went through the flax milk and high protein waffle phase, however I am doing a fat fast right now, and so I want to keep it on the lower carb end of the spectrum. I tried the keto diet a few months ago, but with my adrenals there is a fine line that I have to walk. So I am now going at it again but in a different way. Instead of loading up on the MTC oil, and Bulletproof coffee, I am doing Thrive Algae Oil as my main oil. I am still getting some saturated fats into my diet, but no where near as many. Thrive gives me those healthy mono-unsaturated fats that I am lacking because of my avocado allergy.

You're feeling really sad right now thinking about no avocado, right? Me, to.

So I found this oil, and I am using it for that heart healthy eating, and loving it.

Also I wanted to try the VeganEgg because I have gone back and forth a few times over the last few years from vegan to vegetarian mostly due to eggs. When we moved back to the Seattle area a few years ago it was the hardest week of my life. I turned to eggs for comfort after being vegan for a lot of years. Then I went back to vegan when I went paleo. I had decided to try paleo because my diet consisted off a LOT of quinoa. It felt so good. So I went with it and was doing great. But the last six months my hormones have been going through a transition, my adrenals are again feeling my overdoing it, and it has been like a landslide with weight gain. Now we're experimenting because I am determined to take back my health and my waist size to where I want it to be.

So I started really thinking about vegan Bulletproof or vegan keto, and how I could redefine it for me. That took some thinking, and some internet browsing. I found some interesting recipes out there, but none that really hit the spot so I created this. For my daughter I did use the pastured eggs, but for myself I used the VeganEgg and it was amazing.

So here is the recipe for waffles. It will take a little longer to cook with the VeganEgg than a normal waffle. When using real eggs you can make two waffles at a time. However a VeganEgg tip was that for more than two eggs you may need less water and I didn't want to jinx myself. Feel free to double the recipe if going vegetarian.

2 Large Collard leaves
2 tbsp VeganEgg (or 2-3 pastured eggs with no water) mixed with 1/3 cup ice cold water
1 tbsp Thrive Algae Oil
1 tbsp Native Forest Organic Premium Coconut Cream, Unsweetened, 5.4 Ounce
1/4 tub Chive & Onion Daiya Cream Cheese Style Spread
3 tbsp Tigernut flour
2 tbsp Coconut flour
1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp Organic Fijian Seasoning

  1. Food process your collard greens and add to your mixing bowl
  2. Heat your waffle maker up and spray with coconut oil to keep from sticking. 
  3. Mix two tbsp of VeganEgg with 1/3 cup of ICE COLD water. They say to blend if you want it fluffier, but it whisks up pretty easily. Iver-whisking of any of these ingredients will create scrambled eggs rather than a waffle. Mix in your 1 tbsp of Thrive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar as well. 
  4. Warm cream cheese, and blend into the VeganEgg mixture. 
  5. Add in your coconut cream, tigernut flour, coconut flour, seasoning and algae oil. Blend to a nice batter.
  6. Add to waffle maker. I let it cook until the back looked done, and then flipped it around so that the front was now turned and in the back. This was because I felt that the front wasn't cooking as well as the back. It does take a little longer but watch to keep it from burning. 
  7. Enjoy this savory waffle as a stand alone, or use it for a sandwich substitute as a wrap. 
NOTE: You could easily use the plain cream cheese with sweeter options like pumpkin spice to make a sweet waffle as well.



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