How To Make Paleo Vegan Coconut Milk or Correcting A Runny Batch

Okay... Here's my secret to how I cured the DIY coconut yogurt that ends up like kefir instead... Don't you hate that?

After it did the full yogurt course in the pressure cooker I stirred in 3 tbsp of my plant based protein and set it in the fridge until the next day. And go figure it worked amazing and is just so much better than the store bought coconut yogurt. I think I am in love because I can't stop talking about it. Recipe is : 2 cans of coconut milk, starter or probiotics, (added after the milk is heated and cooled down to under 110°), use either your low temp stove, the warm feature on the pressure cooker / crock pot and and let it do the bacteria magic for 8 or more hours.

Then stir in your protein powder, pour it all into your containers and put in the fridge to set up. I let mine go over night. FYI I did try adding goat milk powder to another batch to test and it stayed kefir and never set up. So my hubby will drink that batch. Sometimes it's nice to have a carnivore around. 😝 I use the protein powder from my amazing partnership and I get my vegan probiotics from there as well as the grain-free food for my doxie. I wish they were available outside of the US besides to my military friends, but fingers crossed soon we'll see that happen.

Finally... You know I really felt like a dork because I could only ever make kefir. Ta-da... I rock!! 🤘

Pegan Coconut Yogurt Recipe

 2 cans of Organic Native Forest Coconut Milk
2 capsules of probiotcs
3 tbsp grain-free protein powder

1. In pressure cooker brown/saute (low boil) for about 18 minutes total. On the Cook's Companion add 3 minutes to the brown timing.
2. Let cool to about 100 degrees, stir in your probiotics
3. Set your machine to the yogurt setting and put the lid on.
4. When the time is up add the protein powder, mix it in really well and put it in mason jars.
5. Let it set up in the fridge overnight. Simple and delish!

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