Week One I Cellular Health Challenge I Paleo Vegeo I The Force Awakens

Cellular Health Challenge I The Force Awakens

I'm on a challenge, and it's because the more I learn the more I want to prove that it works. So my husband and I have set ourselves up to really go for it this season for health. After the last year I realized that even beyond the gained pounds, was the soft body... lean muscle dysfunction I call it. We seemed to have stopped building lean muscle mass. That makes you wonder because for me without all of the animal protein you could easily say that it's just that. But my husband is the carnivore. He too has had this struggle. What is the cause?

Cellular Health I Paleo Vegeo I Jedi Knight Nutrition Guru
So that is the core of what I'm challenging this month. Hopefully I'll have amazing details for all of you at the end of December so that you can have the most amazing January ever! Why can't 2015 be the year of cellular health? The year your metabolism renews itself, and your body just feels good is ahead. That's the motto I'm going to keep telling myself. I'm thinking of this as my own little "The Force Awakens" ... because I could use all the jedi support I can get. {YES I AM A GEEK}

Speaking of which, have you seen the trailer yet? 

The first big movie I remember seeing in the theaters was Star Wars, and I will never forget it. I loved getting lost in those films, and coming out of it feeling like I could be the Princess and I could be strong and go after anything I wanted to. And so I cannot wait for this release, and I'm going to push myself to give this as a reward.

Do you use the reward system to get after your health goals? 

In the mean time, while you are waiting on how this all works out let me share with you that for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday I have the Nourished In 30, Paleo Vegeo Challenge program for just $2.99. Use Code: CyberMonday and get a HUGE discount of over 90% off!! 



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