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Health Protein Energy Bars For On The Go Nutrition

Think about this, if you drive through for fast food then you are going to spend at least $5, and most of you will spend more. You are going to feel sluggish, you’ll be adding to the chemicals, antibiotics, hormonal issues and adding unhealthy fats to your diet in the name of fast food. If I run out the door with my meal replacement shake and a healthy energy bar I have spent about $5, maybe less. I am getting dense nutrition, I am getting something that I know all of the ingredients in it, and I am having something that doesn’t feel like I’m giving anything up. In fact it feels like I’m giving myself the day off with a treat.
My meal replacement shake is a chocolate organic vegan mix , or a vanilla vegan mix with spinach, flax milk, and at the end stirred in chia seeds.  And I love to add in frozen blueberries or apples. This gives me greens, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogens, digestive enzymes and omegas all for less than 200 calories. My energy bar is the big hit. My daughter LOVES them. And it's perfect for the Transform 30 if you aren't doing one of the Complete Bars.

Just remember that the next time you think you can’t get healthy because you are in your car and on the go… it’s a cop out. To be healthy you have to live the lifestyle, and it’s not as hard as you want to make it out to be. It’s a decision. If you are ready to make that decision then it’s time to connect with someone like myself that can help you with easy basic changes to get you to where you want to be.

Chocolate  Healthy Energy Bars

1/2 – 1 Cup Mix of Chia, Hemp, Buckwheat if you still eat it... I sometimes do (depending on how crunchy you like it)
2 Tbsp Organic Raw Coconut Oil
1 Scoop of Complete Chocolate Mix
1 Scoop of Organic greens (you choice) 
6 Organic Dates (pitted)
Mix to a paste in your blender. Flatten in your container or roll into balls and then refrigerate for a few hours. They’re so amazingly yummy!! You can add extras like coconut, dark chocolate hemp protein, cranberries, chocolate chips (enjoy life brand), sacha inchi seeds, almonds. Whatever you want in your bar you can add and it will be amazingly yummy when you pull it out of your purse or drawer at work to nosh on.



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