Baby Medication Causes Greater Risks of Asthma and What Can Support Your Body

Baby Medication Causes Greater Risks of Asthma and What Can Support Your Body

Baby Medication Causes Greater Risk Of Asthma Research in the UK says

I read a really interesting article about the UK based medication for children, called Calpol. Over the last 50 years the increase in asthma cases of children has continued to grow. In fact in the UK it has doubled! An I can tell you that despite everything I've done for my daughter, she also suffered with asthma - and it was very frustrating to me. So what is Calpol? Calpol is made by Johnson & Johnson, and is acetaminophen. Sound familiar? Here in the United States we give our children something similar called Tylenol. They found that if your child received this medication just once a month they would be 5 times more likely to have asthma. FIVE TIMES!!  

The children that has even one dose anytime before their first birthday were 60% more at risk of asthma, the European Journal of Public Health found. How many of you have given your baby Tylenol before receiving any of the four times they are given a vaccine during their first year?

Why does this baby medication cause this asthmatic risk?

I believe, like many experts this is due to the depletion of your glutathione by acetaminophen. If you keep your glutathione levels up, the damage from the Tylenol may be largely preventable.

"Glutathione detoxifies acetaminophen, but once glutathione is depleted there can be significant cell death in the liver [THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE; Flanagan,RJ; 91(Suppl C):131S-139S (1991)].

I took my daughter off of dairy (except undenatured whey) several years ago, and her asthmatic issues really improved. In fact, our commercially short pasteurized high temp processed milk has 30% less whey protein than raw milk, and the regular pasteurized and homogenized has 87% less...  which reduces the glutathione boosting benefits. Eating dietary glutathione which plants are FULL off helps protect our lungs from oxidative assault. If you aren't eating properly and getting whole foods supplementation during breastfeeding, or even just giving your child formula without supplementation, you are missing out on this.

My daughter struggled to nurse (did you see my article on healthy nursing supplementation), and at that time I was drinking a lot of regular milk. It caused her a lot of tummy issues, and at the time there were so few non-dairy options that were not allergens for me... so we wanted to do goat's milk formula from the recipe we found online. Dr. Sears is amazing, However the doctor's eventually talked us into expensive formula... so that is what my baby got. They make you feel like you are a bad parent for choosing whole foods. That plus the lack of proper supplementation during pregnancy is what I believe played into her having severe asthma as an infant, that eventually required her to be on 6 puffs of inhaled steroids a day... until we got rid of the large amount of commercial dairy products she was drinking.

I went to a Robyn Openshaw event locally after we moved and she talked about her son's asthma and taking him off dairy. I went home and tossed it all. Hey, I had been dairy-free for years with no issues so why not her. She cried the first day because she couldn't have a yogurt squeezer, but that was it. Within five weeks we tossed our daily inhaler and she has never looked back.

Occasionally my daughter eats some raw goat's milk yogurt, she really loves Oatly and veggie milk, and on the go we use our vegan protein shake. Guess what, she has been fine with that. But I would have loved to have had all of that information all of those years ago when I was first pregnant. We recently discovered The Coconut Collaborative in our store, and the plain with the lemon ganache (coconut based) is like whipped cream with lemon curd on top. Just heavenly!! With items like that, Violife Feta and Parm, Daiya... there is no reason for not being dairy-free today.

Now back to glutathione, did you know that sulfur is required for the synthesis of glutathione? However I cannot eat the three pounds daily of sulfur-rich vegetables that Dr. Terry Wahls recommends because I have methylation issues and it will cause a major ammonia dump, which is very painful. I can do onions and I can do garlic. I can do cold-pressed juice and stir fry leafy greens. Did you know that collard greens are rich in isothiocyanates, which are powerful sulfur compound? Also did you know that in the Budwig cancer protocol it is the chemical reaction that take place between the sulfur protein in the cottage cheese and the oil from mixing of the oil and cottage cheese that is the foundation of the program?

I don't eat cottage cheese, and there is no one making raw goat cottage cheese in my area. Rice protein is high in the sulfur-containing amino acids, and I have started drinking amazake because of this mixed with flaxseed oil every night. A small study was done on patients with Liver Cirrhosis drinking amazake every night and it improved the Quality of Life (QOL) in all terms of sense of abdomen distension, edema, fatigue, muscle cramps, loss of appetite, taste disorder, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and sleep disorder. They also found any sense of abdominal distension, constipation and vomiting had disappeared after 8 weeks of amazake intake and taste disorder and sleep disorder had disappeared after 12 weeks of amazake intake. No major clinical events or virological rebounds occurred in the subjects. I'm not worried about the koji in it, because although α-amylase from the mold (Aspergillus oryzae is described as an allergen), it is not suited to the diagnosis of fungal sensitization. This is expressed in Aspergillus oryzae and used in a purified form as a baking enzyme (raising agent). It can cause IgE-mediated sensitization in exposed bakers. Thus, detecting IgE to α-amylase can be used to diagnose sensitization, but not mold sensitization to baking enzyme. I don't eat gluten, or processed products using a baking enzyme anymore. There was a time when I lived on veggie sandwiches from Subway, long long ago. But that's a time far away from my current body, but something to keep in mind if you aren't there yet.

However the benefits seem to outweigh the risk to me. Another small study showed that the women that were consuming amazake, eliminated more of the toxins than those who did not. This was looking at mostly concentrations of PCDDs, PCDFs and PCBs. Amazake gives me more fiber, another source of whole food B vitamins, and minerals. I also take my vitamin C after to help all of my cellular functions as it does it natural work. Best of all, it seems to keep my blood sugar stable overnight as well which means I can sleep all night. We all need more undisturbed sleep. If you are on my Ketolicious program, you should be drinking this because rice koji reduced body weight gain, fat accumulation, and blood glucose level in high-fat diet-induced obese mice. Score!!

In Japan this amazake non-alcoholic version is often fed to weaning babies as a baby food due to the nutritional benefits. It contains pantothenic acid, B1, B2, B6, amino acids, biotin and inositol. Infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 mo of life, but maternal deficiency of some micronutrients, conveniently classified as Group I micronutrients during lactation, can result in low concentrations in breast milk and subsequent infant deficiency preventable by improving maternal status. I believe that when mom has a dense micronutrient support system it can make a huge difference during breastfeeding, and is not synthetic since they are still no where near testing babies for genetic mutations at birth. And then once baby is starting to wean and eat, using both supplementation mixed into their diet, and something like a whole food option of amazake can be something to consider. The B Vitamins have so much to do with our health, and it is no wonder as we become less nutritionally balanced, our kids are having far more wellness problems than we did. I think the fermented non-gmo soy drink that I have, and this koji fermented rice is what has started changing my wellness in so many ways.



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