30 Day Paleo Challenge

30 Day Paleo Challenge

If you are doing a Paleo Challenge with your gym, and following a vegeo approach this is what should be on your menu:

  • fish = wild caught 
  • all fruit is ok\
  • all vegetables aside from starchy root vegetables are ok
  • local, raw honey is the only sweetener used (aside from fruit)
  • nuts and seeds are ok (soaked preferably)
  • pastured eggs are ok 
  • no dairy
  • no soy
  • no grains or grain-like seeds (that means no quinoa, millet, amaranth, & buckwheat during the challenge phase) 
  • no legumes
  • no alcohol

This can be hard to go through, but it's something that is going to really help you in the end. I end up turning to things like hemp protein smoothies, and sacha inchi seeds to keep me going because I don't want to eat too much fish and I don't eat eggs during the induction phase. This is because eggs are a top allergen, and you want to allow your body to heal up as much as possible during that 30 day Paleo challenge.

So what can I eat during the 30 Day Paleo Challenge?

I like to eat a lot of greens. You'll find me with salads, braised greens, and green smoothies almost every day. And then of course I miss me some yummy starchy potatoes... I really do. So one comfort food for me is mashed carrots and rutabagas, yum!

Mashed Carrots and Rutabaga (from Eat, Live, Grow, Paleo with my change ups)

Ingredients :
- carrots
- rutabaga
- coconut milk
- Earth balance soy-free vegan butter or coconut oil
- Himilayan salt and pepper
- Garlic (crushed) - to your taste
- Handful of basil leaves, shredded and diced

 Directions :
1. Peel and cut carrots and rutabaga into small pieces.
2. Steam until very tender (about 10 to 15 minutes)
3. In your Vitamix or food processor (or with an immersion blender) puree the vegetables together adding coconut oil and seasonings to taste. Add just a small amount of coconut milk so it adds to the creamy taste but doesn't turn your vegetable into a sauce. Add in the garlic and basil and let it mix in.

Add this with some sauteed greens and you will have found my heaven. There are tricks to making it through a 30 Day Paleo Challenge, and this for me is one of the best, challenge yourself to find subs for the items you crave. Everyone has a nutritional truth... find yours.



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