Emerald Essentials... the new lane for the fast driving post BMW owners {yes I'm taking about Visalus}

Emerald Essentials... the new lane for the fast driving post BMW owners

Ocean Avenue vs Visalus and why people are leaving behind their BMWs

So,  you remember this company that suddenly last year everyone was talking about.. Visalus. I had not interest because I am against sucralose and soy protein and that is what they were promoting. A lot of my friends, and fellow Beachbody coaches however ran at the change of getting their own BMW - which happens to be the lure of the Body By Vi recruitment.

So how do you get this amazing BMW?? 

Let me just say upfront that you have to make it to the regional director level to actually get a chance for this lease. You, not Visalus, sign up and lease a 3 series BMW for up to $600 a month. {If you have good enough credit to get the lease with BMW in the first place} Now going forward every month you must hit that sales quota in order to get the allowance from Visalus for your payment, or you are stuck paying the payment. And you also have a catch... you have to advertise for them on YOUR vehicle. 

What's new with Visalus currently? 

Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Blyth, Inc.-BTH. It makes me sad to see that Partylite is being hurt by all of this. This class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, on behalf of investors who purchased the securities of Blyth, Inc. ("Blyth" or the "Company") (NYSE:BTH) between March 14, 2012 and November 6, 2012, inclusive (the "Class Period"). The action is brought against Blyth and certain of its officers and directors for violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. (There is also a RICO case that Ocean Avenue filed against Visalus)

Taking your Body By Vi BMW to Ocean Avenue
The Complaint alleges that Defendants made false or misleading statements about sales and prospects of ViSalus, Inc., in which Blyth owns a controlling interest. As the true facts concerning ViSalus became known to the market, the Company's stock price plummeted, losing more than $462 million in market capitalization.

On top of that, recently over 80 major players in the organization were terminated without cause for having what we refer to as "funnel income" which for many of us means more than one company we rep for. What kind of company does that? One that is afraid.

So, that's why so many Visalus / Body By Vi reps are tearing the ads off their "BMW" vehicles, so to speak, and jumping to Emerald Essentials. Integrity, quality products and stability is something that they are really looking for... the best compensation in the business. It's truth in advertising, truth in ingredients {they are actually LISTED on the Ocean Avenue shakes website} and it's something for the entire family. Well, I personally think it's great to have them.

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