Jalapeno Fava Bean Hummus

Fava beans are THE paleo bean as far as I'm concerned. One of my favorite snacks is hummus and raw cut vegetables. I often take them on the go to my daughter's homeschool co-op classes, and it's yummy, although not for date night. You want to make sure you've had a good brush with OnGuard toothpaste before you head out with a loved one after you've eaten this recipe:

Jalapeno Fave Bean Hummus


1 lb of soaked Fava Beans, drained
15 oz soaked garbanzo beans, drained
1 jalapeno, seeds and ribs removed, roughly chopped
1/4 cup of olive oil or liquid coconut oil
3 cloves of fresh garlic
juice of 1 lemon
Himalayan salt to taste

1. Drop beans into boiling salted water and let them cook for about 15 minutes.

2. Drain, and allow to cool. After they have cooled, pop the beans out of the second skin if you didn't do it after soaking. You may need a knife to slit the skin if they don’t pop out easily depending on how long you soaked for.

3. Put garlic into your food processor, followed by fava and garbanzo beans, lemon juice, jalapeno  and Himalayan salt. Pulse on high until pureed.

4. Remove from blender and serve!



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