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Let me share a little information if you are pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that I've been very intrigued by. I have had several friends go through this in the last year, and it's not easy. If you can do something to change where you are heading, or to get healthier - you really should. 

#1. Exercise enhances the ability of the body to use what little insulin is secreted. Make sure you get up and at least walk every day. 

#2. Our pancreas has a key role in digestion. It makes alkaline juice to neutralize the acid in the stomach. A sick pancreas may not able to do this properly anymore. Lemon essential oil has alkalizing benefits. A drop in the drinking water gives her energy and will lift your mood.  You can also support your alkalinity by eating whole, unprocessed foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables because they are the most alkaline and they place the least amount of strain on the digestive organs, and they contain the most minerals/vitamins. 

#3. The pancreas also makes enzymes to breakdown protein into amino acid; starch into sugar and fats into fatty acids and glycerin. To make up for what is missing, raw foods (enzymes are lost from cooking) would be great in her diet, along with supplementation. I have a company that I love that has an enzyme product taken 30 minutes before meals.

#4. You also need to have healthy gut bacteria. A pro-biotic supplement will balance your intestinal tract with beneficial microflora.  When friendly bacteria are present in the intestines they prevent the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms.  Obviously a pre/probiotic is highly recommended. 

#5. There are essential oils that support pancreas healing (fennel, cypress), oils that support the functions of the thyroid (myrrh, lemongrass, geranium) and adrenals (basil, rosemary, clove) and I would recommend you use the 5 above items for two months or so and then proceed to a support capsule (herbal detoxification complex) for the cleansing/filtering of your organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and colon.  

Also stay on your medications, regularly monitor your sugar and always connect with your doctor as you start any of these changes to monitor how your medications may need to be altered. 

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