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I absolutely get so invigorated by helping others take control of their lives...Freedom... maybe it is through nutrition,  maybe through fitness., maybe through a change in your money mindset .. some easy simple things can happen to give you that moment that changes it all.

Joining us and learning about someone else's story, learning about possibilities could be what make that first leap happen.

There is nothing that says you cannot be happy with where you are today, or happy with your body. I believe that we blame our bodies when in reality they are just along for the ride. It's all a mental and emotional journey. Wellness is a sense of balance or imbalance between family, financial, relationship, happiness, career, dreams...a life that makes us really feeling aligned is what it is all about.

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Our amazing brand partner:
This organization has been in business for many decades selling whole foods products, and are releasing the first of a kind whole foods vegan omega capsule in 2017. Of course everything is non-GMO, gluten-free and backed by 38+ clinical research studies done on everyone from those with diabetes, cancer, and pregnant moms!! 
For the past 18 months, my team has been working to bring this product line into more lives, and help more people eat more plants - and grow plants year round!. I signed on as an independent rep and have been enthusiastically created a vibrant charge forward with my clients, and family.
Of course the response to the products has been ecstatic! So many health coaches, bloggers, fitness professionals, and wellness entrepreneurs have already jumped on board, raving about the products and the team dynamic. And me, I am in LOVE. I would have been happy with just the capsules… but then the protein mix, the bars, the UK soups... they are all  just something beyond words. Every client has been amazed. How would it feel to be tapped into a higher energy vibration? And how will your body react to all of the simple to digest whole foods. We're talking whole oranges, whole broccoli, whole spinach that can offer you for a nutritional start to every day. The team wanted amazing vegan everything, and they're doing it! Where else can you impact change in wellness within a brand?? I know of no company like this in the industry. 

Click the button for more information about joining me in the Nourished Warriors Healthy Living Revolution. I will send you five days of emails covering everything from nutrition and energy work, to healing within my own family and creating your business success as what I call a Virtuosoul or multipassionista.

But if you’re interested in joining you don’t have to wait for the rest of this week to get started; jump right in and join the team.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

[1] Go here: Join The Team {it will show that you’re enrolling with Barbara Christensen}

You'll get an email that will send you all of your information from the company, and then from me.

[2] Select your Family Wellness Initiative (free child's order) and then grab your Shred Pack of your choice (find out more about the shred life by contacting me)

[3] Proceed with website and direct deposit setup…

Of course you’ll get the information to join our official Facebook business group, Our Shred group, and wellness prospects group ... and you’ll be included in all of our weekly abundance training and fun!



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