Diet Culture I Nutritional and Fitness Gaslighting

Coach Shamanic Nutritional Energy Healer I Barbara Christensen

Rant/ Trigger Warning... #gaslighting and marketing often go hand in hand.

Nutritional and fitness gaslighting... yes... it's a huge thing!! Most likely your FB ad feed is filled with ads telling you how much better you could be if just ....

Eat this... it's a superfood... do this workout, it's the one that everyone can do. Oh, it makes you feel bad? You're just using muscles you haven't used before... You're just feeding your gut what it needs and adjusting... Occasionally that is true... but often times you are HURTING YOURSELF. Just don't do what doesn't feel aligned to you, your body, your mind. It seems simple but gaslighting comes in trying to make you feel good about yourself, and then it turns into a massive

No if f%$king isn't a superfood!!! It is nuts and seeds and a few randomly selected herbs or synthetic vitamins to make it look like a secret pill. You start watching what everyone else is doing, and then you want to do it too... right?

No if f%$king isn't the workout for everyone!!! It is not healthy to make someone with neck injuries do a movement like that! It's not healthy to make someone with chronic metabolic issues workout their adrenaline receptors to the point of dysfunction.

I am sorry but I am so sick of these companies that are marketing everything but actual food and personal love/mindset. Diet culture is a real thing, and it is why I started The Paleo Vegetarian - Paleo Vegeo because what you choose to eat is very individualized in so many ways. I was told you CANNOT be paleo and vegan. Then I was told that paleo ancestors didn't eat any grasses, they didn't eat any oats, or beans, or blah blah blah. Uh guess what... science. They were vegetarians. (,as%20strict%20vegetarians%2C%20says%20Henry.) Doesn't that mean that you thousands of years later should also be?? Not if it doesn't align with your body type and needs. You are the best judge of what works for you. I knew what worked for me.

So what about supplementation? Yes some people need enzymes, yes some people don't eat enough fiber or fruit or vegetables, and yes some of the minerals are not even in our dirt anymore, so definitely not in your food. I supplement, but what I take daily isn't always what you need - and even in my house some of what my husband and my daughter take, I don't. Visa versa, too.

So what about physical movement? Yes, bodies are built to move. But not every body is going to be a ninja warrior, nor should be. Do you have hyper-mobility? Do you have injuries? Do you have to modify? What movement is right for you is going to be different based on a myriad of things.

But with nutritional and fitness gaslighting companies really pushing the limits of visual cues... when they are telling you that you aren't enough without a "flat stomach" ... they pick it all apart. Just address hormones, address bloating, eat less, move more... find that target in that which makes you ashamed of your body and we will fix it. Have you ever seen what happens to someone in an abusive relationship. They find a way to hide themselves. I do not want that to happen to my kid, your kid, you, your neighbor, etc.

Gaslighting will make you start questioning what you know about how certain foods make you feel... "well... it must be the beans making me so sick"... You edit your diet and exercise program to fit in to what everyone else is doing because it must work for them. Skinny does not equate to healthy. Weight does not equate to happiness. Please quit letting these companies and sales artists manipulate you into not knowing how to feel good because the yo-yo or merry go round will be damaging to your body, your mind and your soul.

Guess why those stretchy pants stretch? Because every BODY is different. Love yours!!

Nutritional and fitness gaslighting causes posttraumatic stress and codependency, among other things. Start practicing the spiritual art of "NO". 😁

You do not have to buy products from me or anyone else. When someone comes to you to sell you a product or service with an attached abusive behavior, avoid arguing about what is true with the abusive person. They will just try to showcase how incorrect you are about knowing what is right for you. Often they will out and out lie to manipulate you - and you will feel the negative emotions associated with this, and even some of the negative energy in your body. Get back in touch with your true thoughts, feelings, and instincts again, and tell these nutritional and fitness gaslighters to back off.

"Virgie Tovar, author, activist, and one of the leading experts on weight-based discrimination "the diet industry is gaslighting us by making us believe it's about health and wellness when it's still really about thinness, still really about vanity."

Really great article and podcast.



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