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High protein intake and low calories can be a thing. Healthy eating is simple. Order the Bold Brave Bodies program that comes with two coaching sessions - for fast charging and healthy recovery meals. 

I am going to work through an 9 week program, three weeks at a time, starting on the 12th. If you want to join me on the July 26th, get enrolled now. 

Three Weeks To Reset Your Body

Have you tried diet after diet, program after program, and haven't gotten the body or wellness results that you'd hoped for? In this program created by shamanic practitioner and holistic nutritionist, Barbara Christensen, the body healing is approached in a holistic and shamanic manner that focuses on the body as the machine, and how essential it is to treat it as the container for your life, and no longer as the image of who you are. Barbara offers more than a diet template, this is designed to address your growth as a being, and the way to bring longevity and wellness into the picture in a whole new format.

Reconnect With Your Body In A Way You Never Thought Possible

In this unique 21-day lifestyle shift, you'll learn to reprogram how you view food, weight, and most importantly, how you view yourself. In the Bold Brave Bodies program you will be focusing on the body machine, the soul experience, and the higher level shadows that come up in order to not only release the "body suit" that you have created as the "true you", but also to create healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle that's sustainable and enjoyable for the rest of your life.

Barbara will invite you to converse with your spiritual side, your guides, as well as engage you in a comprehensive nutritional foundation that combines shamanic strategies, longevity nutrients, and simple teachings that will help you overhaul how you feel about yourself, how you start your days, and will help you shift those negative beliefs that hold you back from achieving your best self, inside and out. By the end of of the three weeks you will be hooked on this new vision, as you will experience dramatic shifts in your mindset, your body, and overall lifestyle. Embrace this soul experience in the human body!!

In this course, you'll learn:
What the shamanic approach does to your brain
The benefits of the gratitude mindset
Clean your slate and reset your body
Find out some strategies to trick your body to think you are restricting calories
Simple recipes to eat healthy no matter what your schedule or lifestyle
Change your brain waves, and create quantum change
Get your cells talking more effectively
Simple ways to start the day and end the day that will impact your entire being from mood to manifestation
Start loving yourself where you are right now

Who is this for?
People who have become frustrated with programs that make them feel like they are failing
Anyone who wants to approach their body with a greater connectivity using holistic and shamanic practices
Those who want shut down the negative self-talk
Individuals, at any age, who value the importance of a healthy body, mind and purpose

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