Simplicity Shred : 10 Day Mindset & Wellness Revolution

Simplicity Shred : 10 Day Mindset & Wellness Revolution I Paleo Vegeo

Hello and welcome to this movement to create by not adding more dysfunction, but being brave by using simplicity as your lead.

Over the next 10 days and beyond, we'll be covering a great deal of information to help you kick those items to the curb in order to reveal your more content self. This may seem like a tall order and even a bit overwhelming, but I'll be breaking the material down into manageable pieces, so don't worry.

Each day of our shred program we'll examine a new aspect of how to create in favor of contentment. There are lots of concrete steps you can take to banish those non-serving foods, beliefs and obstacles. It just takes a little practice and effort to break old habits.

Complaining can become just that... a dud of a habit or what we like to call our comfort zone. When you create a higher vibration within your body and your environment you'll notice a shift in your all areas of your life. Learning to lessen the frequency of your stumbling blocks doesn't mean that you'll never feel negative emotions again or that things won't ever upset you, or you'll never eat cake. However, making a concerted effort to eliminate and change is about your overall mindset and what you put into this.

Diet Mindset Program

Changing your ways and adopting a new mindset won't happen overnight, but it's definitely worth the effort. Constantly we are struggling with these beliefs of what we can accomplish, and can become a cycle that's hard to stop. You are forming an impression of yourself, usually based on untruths.

There are tons of benefits to adopting a cheerier disposition and a nutrient dense one. In addition to leaving behind those things we don't need, you'll simply feel better as you develop a more positive mindset. It is time to feel in control of your circumstances. When you shift that mindset, you'll start to feel empowered and in charge. Taking a proactive approach to your life puts you in the driver's seat.

Are you ready to simply feel more content in every aspect of your life. No, it won't be easy. However, if you join me over the next month, I am confident you'll see that change is possible. Let's dive in and begin to explore the ways you truly can turn complaints into contentment.

Base Simplicity: Trio of capsules daily
Energy Quad: Trio of Capules + Omegas
Gut Support: Fiber joy meal replacement
Holistically Simple: Trio + Omegas + meal replacement

If you want to just order in full payment rather than monthly payments, please let me know and we can do this over the phone.

The mental shift + energy hustle is free and included in this program, along with the downloadable guide + recipes, wellness journal when you select your level of desire. Ready for live support? Ready for the revolution? Let's play!!

If you missed it, I've got all ten days of the Simplicity Shred, and a recap available on YouTube. Follow along day by day, or take it all in whenever you desire.



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