2019... The Year to Do Less, and Expand Your Reality More!

2019... The Year to Do Less, and Expand Your Reality More I Paleo Vegeo Wellness Team

Jumped on my computer to do a quick business check in case the snow takes out power. Hooray.. I was able put in my dear friend's rank advancement for February!!! That's going to be an additional 6% commission on top of the flat rate that she makes every time she helps another family bridge the gap in their nutrition, or helps someone looking to raise their cellular vibes. She knows who she is... so congrats girl!! I love seeing her funnel in this secondary part of her fast growing business, and that's what is so amazing.

Guess what... if also feels great to see that she's not having to push "challenge groups" or get annoyed with people that aren't growing fast enough, or having a CEO that tells her how to grow her business, and if she "can't" build diamonds that she is wrong. Such BS. That's what I left behind in that space of this style of business... the trees, the lines, the wrongness... oh.. and waiting for the "next best thing".

You know that 2019 seems to be the global year for KonMarie. However this year really is about this movement to accumulate less...eat food with less ingredients...take in less toxins.... balance your happiness with less stress....and of course less sugar, less gluten and less dairy are truly growing so rapidly for big reasons and I have to tell you that if you're looking to make some changes it's easier than you think.

Less ingredients is as simple as adding more whole foods into your diet. Almost 200,000 people signed up this year for Veganary, although far more did a January without animal products. What is great is that 40% of those that signed up identified as omnivore before taking part in Veganuary, and 16% were pescetarian; 33% vegetarian; and 11% already vegan. People want change, but we realize that it all has to come from within.

You don't have to be vegan to realize the push to getting more dense nutrition into your body can't happen from just eating food. We're toxic, and our soil is depleted. Weak plants and poor soil will lower those compounds that you need for healthy cells and healthy bacteria. Dave Asprey talks a lot about the amount of polyphenols and the variety of polyphenols you need. Most of us, even if you're a healthy juicer or green smoothie drinker, are only getting the same six to eight fruits and vegetables day in and day out. We need more dense minerals, and vitamins, from food... because our mitochondria needs more for our brain, our eyes, for every bit of our energy production. So that is why I think the wellness industry is exploding, and why I am grateful beyond belief for where I am now.

I have come to focus over the last decade on less toxins because the world is becoming more toxic in many ways. No, not just about the chemicals, but the emotional abuse and daily brutality we see online. So this movement, or revolution if you think about it, is about supporting our body's natural abilities on a cellular, higher power connection. Lifting ourselves up and believing in something that is so much more than getting "thin". And I think as parents we see what social media does to our kids, and we want them to know the "more" so they aren't filled up with the "lack".

My 2019 vision board starts with "Vibrant Living" across the top. It has wellness and mindfulness, family, joy, being present and being happy all over it. I think that all of those things and making a difference in the world is a huge part of what I do, and want to keep doing at a higher level. People need something less toxic, less stressful to be connected to. Funny thing is that this "less" actually creates more. He's got a funny sense of humor, that man upstairs.

For so many people maybe less stress would mean bringing in a little more money, or adding another income for debt reduction, travel or a little breathing room....So many people are in a place where they can't breathe. You need to know that sometimes that mood is actually brain inflammation or poor gut bacteria, and it impacts your congruency with happiness. You are capable of happiness. You are capable of change. You are not a tree, you can create any path you desire.

I can't explain how taking capsules full of whole, non-gmo, encapsulated foods makes a difference, because it doesn't seem possible until you have tried it. I can't explain how it changed my being is so many ways, because I almost don't have enough words (okay you know me... when do I RUN out of words... LOL) It just happened overnight by taking a crazy leap to see if it could help my daughter breathe better. I can't tell you how empowering it is to be a part of an organization, and not a network marketing downline. Expanding a business, not just passing volume upwards, this has made the biggest difference to me. I already knew that nutrients were energy, that vibrations of sustainably produced foods is far higher, and I am aligned to knowing every time I share this, I see real change in the world. So warning, following this program will free up the capacity for more in your life.❤ Does that spark something in you?

My big goal for 2019 is to build up five teammates to the level I am at currently, while helping others get healthier. I also have a goal to see a ten fold increase in the number of those I am helping this year to feel better. So maybe you just want to feel that happiness, that space of expansion. Either way, I want to be your energetic dealer. 🤣 I am currently working towards what we call a SSC (Senior Sales Coordinator), which means I have two open slots to grow some energetic beings in my team focus, and I have a dream to really change the world in many ways. My true business target is at least an additional three on top of that to build them up to Sales Coordinator this year (this is outside of the three I have currently working towards this goal already) and I don't have any doubts that it is going to happen.

Why? ❤ The leadership role of a National Marketing Director. Once I create that expansion in my life I will gain medical, dental, life and disability through my business (not just through my husband's JOB). That means when he retires, we have something more than just "medicare". I will enjoy a holiday bonus (love that) and a family tuition program to help put my very creative daughter through college. How open is your belief system to something like this? I think that some of you may be feeling called to either try the products, or try the business. Let's connect, set up your Free Consult, and then we can talk about wellness, or business, or both.



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