Smiling Through Sad Whole30 Food Rules

This post maybe should be called, "Why I gave up the W30 diet".The Whole30 program mostly made me feel like I was being punished for what I wanted to eat. Being strictly Whole30 made me feel like my choice of exercise (or no exercise if I didn't feel like it) wasn't the right choice for how to be fit. Being "Whole30" made me feel almost embarrassed at how much I love and embrace the supplements I use. Instead of eating 30 plus plants in a capsule, I am supposed to eat a specific amount of "perfectly W30 foods" because why?  Eating W30 meant no low processed soy that I loved, it meant no white rice that my gut loved, and it meant a lot of meals I just didn't like or took far too much time to plan and cook. 

I have shared a little of that when I feel like I need to in my private group over the years, but overall I have stuck to the four walls of Paleo within Veganism. When I didn't there was a cry from the "believers" that how could I mention tempeh??? Fad diets are like most network marketing companies. Cults. I expect to see Leah Remini do a special on the Paleo diet any week now. (jk) 

So, don't eat grains (guess what... lots of misinformation about grains and lectins, phytic acids, etc out there). Don't eat anything that comes out of a box. (expect the bars and salad dressing and other goodies we approve). Don't eat legumes (despite the fact that Dan Buettner spent over a decade studying the places that people live the longest, and beans were a superfood that can add four years to your life). Do not consume anything that seems like it's food joy (no pancakes, no muffins and of course no homemade pizza for heaven's sake!). What I ended up with is a lot of guilt for cheering people on to deprive themselves. This is the emotion I have been carrying around for years... why?

I run the largest, most successful W30 vegan to pescatarian group on FB. So I felt shame every time someone got through the program and they didn't get results, or the weight went right back on. I yoyo'd myself in and out of months of W30s, and putting away the foods that my body really craved, which lead me to questioning so many things about how we are being TOLD how to sell, how to eat, how to live. I watched one of my best friends do the Whole30 and she was over exercising and under eating. So when I saw that this last January, I snapped. 🤬🤣I started looking at what I was teaching, and what I had been feeling for a long time. I had a few early beta testers in my program that put the program in your hands... guess what, you do have to eat some plants. Sorry... however, every body can be reset, and we all have the inner knowing of what the what is going on with our bodies.

I started a conversation in my group last Summer and told them in no uncertain terms that this group come January is changing. My mindset of being in a box is changing. We are curvy, and varied, and all desire to feel well, and find out what works for our own body. If you create an underlying foundation of dense nutrition, you can then move onto the next question for your body, and then the next, and then the next. 

why I quit the whole30 lifestyle

The W30 is like traditional school. You are being taught to follow the rules. However, the homeschool world is growing by leaps and bounds because we are realizing that we don't want our kids to learn to just work in a factory for fifty years. We want them to learn to be happy, for all of their life. I do think that my whole supplements help me to be happy. I am not embarrassed to say it. Nine times out of ten when I talk to some one that is struggling and we go through their diet and supplementation, I think they are missing out greatly in something that to me is like an enzyme for my genetic mutations. I think people are missing out by not recreating their favorite treats. I think people are missing out by taking a "standard" supplement that is doing similar things to to the body that is so bad for our cells, and what cancer medications are meant to stop from happening. High dose anything is not balance. High dose exercise, high dose sugar, high dose supplements... what your want is a balanced life. That's the real happiness factor. We want balanced blood sugar, balanced cortisol, balanced microbiome... balance. That is what I want to encourage for everyone. Balance.

We are going to start this... 2019. Are you going to stay in the box, or are you ready to create something different? That choice is always yours. 



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