When We Squander Our Energy on Things That Don’t Matter

Squandering Our Energy on Things That Don’t Matter I Season of Becoming Challenge

How often do you you get too caught up in the things you don’t like? When this happens it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and the path to achieving them. Once you begin to indulge in your emotions, you quickly begin to feel worse each day by continuing to fuel all the wrong emotions, and often time then grab all the wrong foods.

If you wake up in the morning only thinking about the things you don’t like and how angry or disheartened that makes you, then you’ll live the rest of your life in a negative mindset, which is bad for your mental and physical health. Often times we start with social media... and although my Season Of Becoming challenge is being held online, it's the way we start thinking about ourselves based on social posts, pictures.... those comparisons of happiness that move us into a state of emotional imbalance and low vibrations.

Staying in a constant state of anger or sadness or any low vibrational emotion is bad for your health in many ways. You might find yourself experiencing more frequent headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, and other physically harmful feelings.

These are all side effects of stress out cells, which is always present with negative emotions. Mentally, you’ll find yourself being more irritable and upset, which can affect your loved ones.

Most importantly, you won’t be focused on the goals you want to work towards. You won’t ever feel that sense of satisfaction that you crave if all of your days are spent being upset.

If you go to bed and wake up worried that you’re not good enough to be a niche leader online, then it detracts from the happiness you could be feeling from achieving the goals you tackled that day. That confidence will lend to more success the following day, whereas anxiety will cause it to stall.

If you’re a 9-5 worker, instead of waking up thinking about how you’re going to dread seeing that one coworker of yours, think about how happy you are to have a stable job. Focus on the things that you love and the things that you need to do.

Complaining about your coworkers every day isn’t going to help you accomplish your goals. It’s absolutely useless, and it only causes you issues, not them. Instead of complaining about everything that’s wrong, focus your efforts on fixing the things that are wrong that you can fix, and spend some time focusing on the things that you enjoy or are pleased with.

When you start to spend your time and energy working towards things that you want and things that you enjoy, you’ll lose that feeling of stress. You’ll wake up feeling energized and excited to start your day rather than dreading another useless day of getting nothing done.

Get on a good sleep schedule if you’re not already on one so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love. You’ll find that your mind is more at ease and you feel much healthier.

You’ll gain a sense of satisfaction just knowing that you’re taking control of your own path, that you’re living life how you want to live it rather than letting someone (or something) else turn you into an unproductive mess.

Share how you feel when you aren't all tied up in those spaces... and if you feel an inability to break away from that.

I will be posting all of the Season Of Becoming main posts here on the blog... however if you want to get a more interactive engagement... I recommend just joining us as it's free to join.



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