Time To Shred The Winter Baggage

Winter...hasn't it lasted long enough? I don't know about you, but I am ready to release all of the energy, toxins and Winter cuddly layer. So where to begin?

First to the emotion. My answer was to hit the road for Sunshine.... Not once, but twice. There's something's rendering about natural Vitamin D. You only pick that up south of Atlanta, so that means I only grabbed enough joy light the first week. 

So let’s talk for a minute about those supplements, can we? I realized that I needed some thing more several years ago...just before the school year. I started looking and most of what I found or tried just didn't work. 

Being Paleo Vegan there's that soy grey space. It took me a long time to actually consider it. I didn’t understand how I could use soy if I had allergies to soy, and of course I was very against soy no matter how unprocessed ever since I started reacting to it. I did used to eat edamame a long time ago, so when I started reacting to soy milk, I just gave it all up. Oddly when I tip-toed into trying this protein mix with cold-washed fermenter soy in it. I was floored that I can eat it. So I adopted it into my personal routine and with my clients.
I started sharing with everyone whata pleasing these products were for me. It's more than just some protein and capsules. It can be a lot to take in as to why it's so different if it's labeled like your average boxed food. We have no control over how the FDA has determined labels should be created. They are looking for specific items for Nutritional Labels to show. It’s the same for orange juice or for a bag of frozen cauliflower. 

However these whole food capsules have been a huge difference, and why? Well the whole orange is in the capsule. It has the entire broccoli. It is all of the nutrients.  It’s so far beyond the idea of a vitamin, which is why it doesn’t have a Supplement Fact Label, but rather a Nutritional Fact Label. It’s food. 

It takes just six hours to go from farm to capsule, and I cannot say that about most of your food in the market. You would have to go straight to the Farmer’s Market or the Farm to get that sort of fresh, raw whole foods, however you wouldn’t get the variety.

So how does this fit into my program to get rid of that Winter baggage? I have a ten day program inside if a four month window where you will have online fitness ideas, private group recipes, ebook downloads & daily connection posts where you will be required to share how you are doing to really become accountable to your goals.

We only get out of a program what we put into it. It’s been verified by science that those that reach out for accountability and support lose more weight, and remain healthier in life than those that do not. Some of your posts may just be what you ate, maybe it will be how you felt, or a motivational photo… but as you engage others will do the same.

10 Day Shred Facebook Challenge I Mama Whole Wellness

Linda GYSB Seattle Juice Plus Tower Garden

Could you lose 5 pounds? Perhaps… what do you think that looks like? I think you’ll be shocked. So go for it! Join us. Just click on the sign up button. We always start on a Monday, that way you only have one weekend that is a part of your ten days. Maybe you'll repeat this every six weeks during our four months to keep the summer body looking as hot as the weather.

Order either your Vegan Shakes or Capsules or both and then enroll in the Facebook Support group. You’ll also get a free Distance Energy Healing Session (a $65 value) – FREE! During our 30 Minute Distance Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) Session you may find that the universal life energies work to bring balance and harmony to the whole self — working through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. You’ll choose a time when you can rest without being disturbed. During and after your healing session, you may experience physical sensations, temperature changes, visions, sounds.
And of course group coaching. Let's get back to that Summer glow!!



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