How To Be A Vegan Unicorn Or At Least Eat The Unicorn Foods

How to be a Vegan Unicorn I Paleo Vegeo

All things Unicorn have been the rage this year. The Unicorn Frap hit when I was down in Southern California, and the location I was in to get some matcha had sold over 700 the first morning it was released. That's so crazy. But especially because if you've read anything you know that Unicorns are vegan. Right? They only eat plants, but they are mythical. I guess that if you are aligned to the Paleo Vegeo lifestyle you are also a bit of a mythical creature, so embrace your Unicorn being. Embrace it and let me share a few special treats you can make to be the best Unicorn you can be!

healthy no bake unicorn inspired cookies : made with just four ingredients and ready in 5 minutes! These fudgy cookies are completely paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and grain free! - The Big Man’s World.

vegan white chocolate unicorn barkTopped with a number of freeze-dried fruits, crushed pistachios, lavender, sprinkles and more - The Plant Strong Vegan. 

unicorn cheesecake : Vegan, RAW, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free 4 layer cheesecake with this tower of ombre berry layers, topped off with a coconut cream layer and the most beautiful sweets - The Little Blog Of Vegan. 

rainbow unicorn sweet potato sushi : A truly magical sushi - One Green Planet.

rainbow unicorn protein smoothie bowl : Gorgeous meal colored with berries and love. - Green Smoothie Gourmet. 

So what do you think? Can you create your own fantastic Unicorn version of joy? I am sure you can and I would LOVE to have you share your favorite below because the more rainbows the better this year. 



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