The Best Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes (paleo + vegan, pegan)

I love breakfast. I mean really love breakfast. I skip it sometimes when I am doing a fast, and then I also will sometimes forget if I get satisfied by my morning turmeric broth with coconut milk. I love my organic high potency turmeric! I guess those healthy fats really do make a difference. So I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes with you to help if you feel stuck in the no-idea breakfast zone.

1. If you are on the go in the morning grab a paleo protein shake and one of these toasted coconut and chocolate larabar copycat bars.

2 Another great option is this seasonal Paleo Fall Porridge (Paleo, Whole 30, SCD, GAPS, Gluten Free, Vegan) that really hits the spot on those chilly mornings. Also helps with those looking for an alternative to their regular oatmeal. Make sure to opt out of the sweetener and the non-vegan additional items. 

3. Looking for a tasty treat, I love subbing my usual morning matcha latte for this Matcha Chia Pudding. OMG it really is such a good pick me up for a downer day for me! Top it with a pre-made paleo granola or some shredded coconut flakes. I find that if you are using an unsweetened vanilla milk you don't need any of the sweeteners to go all W30 with it. 

4. It may sound weird but this Brussel Sprout Slaw is a great alternative to your usual hash. You can have this on it's own as a salad and it's really satisfying. Or add an egg if you're vegetarian. I think even warmed more like a hash this would be AMAZING! 

5. Do you miss the days of pouring a bowl of cereal and adding milk and fresh blueberries? Well this Cinnamon Faux-st Crunch Low Carb Cereal recipe is sure to help cure those cravings! 



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