Five Amazing Paleo Vegeo Salad Recipes

Finding enough salad recipes to fill those mason jars is to find enough fun recipes to keep it from getting boring. No one wants to eat a boring salad day after day. So I thought I would share my favorite "non boring" salad recipes today to help keep you noshing naturally.

She had me at sweet potatoes!! Although I had to pass on the dressing with my nut allergy, I had never thought about putting sweet potatoes in my salad, and now I don't know how I lived without them! 

This is either your last blast of the summer, or the first blast of the summer depending on where you live right now. I love this, and the nutritional boost you get from it! 

This one you're going to thai for... My daughter would be happy with my little pun. 

This Colorful Cabbage Salad features purple cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, and tossed in a honey balsamic dressing. Just the right amount of crunch, and is really a favorite of mine. Simple and nourishing.

I love cauliflower as my favorite plant based protein to add to... well everything. It's something I just can't get enough of. Add in another favorite, peas... hey if Dallas and Melissa Hartwig say: “Snow peas (and snap peas, and green beans, and romano beans) are fine" ... then why not peas without the outer pod? Just my out loud wondering.

Now go fill up those mason jars, and prep for your week! I know that so many of you challengers are really excited to get going on a new wellness lifestyle. Nosh up, and shake it up! 



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