All Of The Important Foods For A Healthy, Joyful Gut

Paleo Vegeo Probiotics I GI Tract WellnessMagnesium, calcium, vitamin D, the B vitamins, essential fatty acids... fiber rich / resistant starch carbs... all of these are important for a healthy gut because they are essential for digestion. Fiber-rich, low starch foods include items like your soaked chia, flax, (Fall favorite) pumpkin, juicy berries, raw greens, cauliflower (my fav plant protein for dinner), broccoli and avocados. 

In addition there are fantastic (and yummy!) healthy carbs that are good for your gut and will help give you energy. These are so good for you, and good resistant starches like sweet potatoes (and white are making a comeback), bananas, figs, squash, nuts, apples (an apple a day), and those whole, plant-based foods. The right food makes your belly strong. As well, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free and grain-free ‪‎probiotics‬ give you that good bacteria quickly, and the gut bacteria that will powerfully drive your health, well being, and in turn increase your strength, endurance and muscle growth.

I wanted to choose a subject to focus in on this month... so I decided on this one area that impacted my health the most... the gut. Did you know IBS affects 1 in 7 Americans? I was that 1 in 7. I couldn't even make it through a four hour shift of work when I was in my early twenties. It took two long years to get a diagnosis. And that's only because I PUSHED them to figure it out and finally went to a young new doctor with the knowledge of what I was dealing with. Love this House Call with Dr. Hyman (and btw we were all Paleo Vegeo before he was Pegan... but we'll totally invite him to the club any day of the week!)

So start thinking whole foods, start thinking replenishing the good, and start thinking about how you can heal rather than fear food. I know that fear.

As well, if you react badly to probiotics then you're probably dealing with some leaky gut sidelines, and then you may want to ask your GP about using a 
Lactobacillus Plantarum to start with as it's very colon-rific. :) I have no idea how to make colon into a fantastic word. So there you have it. A blog post that will make my husband super uncomfortable to read, and very unlikely to talk about.

Vegan Paleo Probiotic I IBS and Gut Health

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