Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I JM Ocean Platinum Ambassador
How can you live a healthier life? Well let's look at one of the healthiest communities on the planet, the people of from Bama. Their culture was studied in the 50 Secrets Of The World's Longest Living People. They eat only 1500 calories a day, and eat a plant-based diet including a wide range of local, organic vegetables. They eat them soon after buying to make sure they get as many of the antioxidant vitamins from harvest. They make sure that they eat a very balanced diet that is high in dense nutrition, low in anti-nutrients like trans fats, additives and sugar. The reason that overeating and non-nutrient based foods can be very hard on our bodies is that it accelerates our aging process by promoting the production of endotoxins and free radicals.

They eat fruit every day, as well as one of my favorites hemp, and brown rice and millet. They also eat lima beans and mung beans for the fiber, B vitamins and protein. When they do eat animal based protein is is from the river, and very oily fish. Wild caught is always going to be the best. And if you do have to eat a lean meat, follow the Bama style of eating lean, organic pastured meat, but limit the red meat as it can raise your histamine levels and cause more digestive issues than it's worth. And they never eat until full, or like we do until OVERFULL. We wait until our buttons are going to pop too often, and they've learned that with aging there is no reason for that.

What about digestive issues? Those in Bama they've found have amazing gut flora because of all of those fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) in their plant based diet and the probiotics that they get from fermented foods. I recommend that you take PB Assist daily to get both those pre and probiotics. In Bama they have good levels of flora into the century mark! Also the more plant based foods you eat, the more FOS fiber you are providing to your body.

They also get lots of anti-oxidants in the form of corn wine, which I'd of course NEVER drink even if I wasn't allergic to corn. I instead use rich antioxidant supplementation. And they eat a lot of Fructus Cannabis, hemp seed. Researchers say this helps people absorb vitamins and contains several indispensible nutritional elements like those fatty and amino acids. They are also a complete protein. I love to drink hemp milk, and hemp seeds are often infused in my food. And when they drink dairy, it's raw, and undenatured. They don't overproduce their foods.

Can you life a healthier lifestyle like those from Bama

There are easier ways to eat like you are from Bama... like making a vibrant plate. When you eat a rich, flavorful diet, you will get a variety of nutrition, as well as just seeing colors on your plate will make you more in tune with your food. You'll salivate more and digest better. They change what they eat with the season, and yet still keep their calories and salt intake lower.

They also sleep at night... hello MOMMIES!! And they are active every day. And they are HAPPY!

They live fulfilled family lives, and they enjoy getting outdoors in the fresh air. They are exposed to less solar radiation, and their soil still contains rich manganese and zinc, and low in copper and cadmium. This helps reduce cardiovascular disease and give their immunity a big boost.



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