Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity

Maybe you have Adrenal Fatigue &
perhaps Copper Toxicity??

Having been a copper craver my whole life, I started looking into what copper toxicity really was. When you have a copper toxicity in your tissues from lack of copper binding proteins, it turns out you'll have a struggle with your histamine levels as well. High histamine symptoms are often equated with estrogen dominance symptom because of under-methylation. Your adrenals become the innocent victims of this toxic realm. I remember several years ago at my doctor's appointment when she was like, "Wow, your adrenals are shot!" Thank you so much.

Part of the story is when B12 slows down histamine release, which is why vegans often struggle the right balance of histamine levels, the result is small amounts of PCOS symptoms that seem to come and go. But if you are an under-metalator... B12 is not your friend, and you cannot be vegan... that is what they say. We need B12 dearly, and they say you should get it naturally not in supplementation. Luckily there are so many good ways, like shots and highly absorbable B12 options now, but it was interesting to go through this process. The worst was having my mast cells going crazy, especially with the agitation of how my body already deals with allergens and mold. 

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen Wellness Advocate

The best sources of B12 in foods are: Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Lamb, Scallops. One serving of any of these will give 100% of your B12 needed. And when I take a regular b-complex... look out... my anxiety goes through the roof... its folate I need not folic acid. And it seems to be that I cannot just use a regular methylated B12 either. What works best for me is a combo B12 with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. I have a chewable that I take along side my whole food supplement that has been a winning combination for me.

How do Histamine Levels Figure Into All Of These Issues?

I'm So FROZEN (have you seen Frozen II?) ... Oh wait, that's just excess histamine release ...

The extreme chill you feel could be excess histamine release. As well symptoms that appear to be allergy related may be more obscure than you think. For example, sneezing may be an allergy symptom, but muscle pain, insomnia and acid reflux may also be signs of allergy. These are all signs of excessive histamines. Since histamine has a large amount of functions within the human body, the effects of high histamine blood levels can vary widely.

Current studies have shown that there are direct links between histamines, the irritants produced in an allergic reaction, and the nervous system. People with too much histamine in their brains experience anxiety and depression. And detox raises histamine levels. I first started to figure out histamines when I would come home from the gym and an hour later is when I'd start to freeze and want to curl up in a ball under a mountain of blankets.

The symptoms of toxicity may also be more obscure than you think. You may have headaches, joint pains, colitis and even poor coordination may be signs of toxicity. Another sign is skin eruptions and rashes. I woke up with a nice little rash this morning, too.

Your body has a unique detoxification system. It comes with many fail-safe mechanisms. A toxin may simply be detoxified and rendered harmless – usually by the liver. This is often accomplished through enzymes with the help of antioxidants. These poisons may be turned into useful tools, such as when blood toxins are turned into bile to help us digest fat from our diet.

Some toxins are difficult to detoxify; they may be stored permanently in fat. Other toxins and allergens are stored temporarily in water in the lymphatic system. Detoxification, stress, and even like I said, exercise can cause these symptoms. This is why people get "puffy" with allergies or toxicity. I know you've had that issue before. These high-histamine levels often are due to a metabolic imbalance that results from under-methylation. Sound familiar??

I think I'm going to kick up my Acerola Berry and Citrus oils today, because both of these help release those toxins that my body just wants to dig deep and hold on to.

The key is you need to clear out more than just your colon. You need to clear out your system all the way through to the tissues. That can't be done in a quick cleanse. It takes a natural, healthy routine in your life. I plan to do a quick two week cleanse in the new year... so make sure you follow along.

I think my body is ready for some renewal before for this new year. Want to join me? I offer a clean two weeks every month, so just jump in when you are ready. Connect with me after the holiday and get your 
wellness consult or quantum biofeedback session and see how I can help. Believe me that you can feel better if you work through your wellness process with a support team.



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