A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box

My family had a yummy experience with the Cave Cravings Box

A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
A little over a month ago Cave Cravings sent me a box of goodies in the mail. Cave Cravings is a monthly subscription service that delivers natural, organic snack options to your door.The biggest surprise for me was that it wasn't this box full of meat. You know what I mean. YOU never expect these paleolithic style companies to have any consideration for a leaner, vegan paleo style of eating. I was shocked about that. It made me extremely happy.

One of the first items I pulled out was this cool bar from the Bearded Bros. This was a radical raspberry lemon bar, two of them. I opened it, took a smell of how fresh it was, my daughter grabbed it out of my hand and took off with it. It was hysterical. I took a picture and posted it on Instagram (see it below) because she was so funny. That happiness should be exactly why you want this box. :)  You know that I am a big believer in nutrition and ingredients, but it has to be something my family will eat or it's not worth the money.

The ingredients were great because they were safe for most of the people I know with food allergies. No nuts... yes a vegan energy bar with no nuts. And no gluten. Did you read that correctly? Yes no gluten. Bearded Brothers makes organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free, paleo, nut free, non-gmo, energy bars! Who knew? I had never heard of them before. Then my husband starts sniffing around my little box of joy. He's my carnivore. He took one of my Mighty Maca Mango bars from Bearded Bros ... go figure. You can't figure out a carnivore.

What other treats were in that Cave Cravings box? 

A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
So then my husband pulls out the jerky and put it in his lunch bag for a snack. He said it was the best jerky he's ever had. Just grass fed beef, unrefined sea salt and vinegar. It was a really mild beef jerky with no overwhelming flavors. Done just right and a perfect afternoon snack. He said it has a good beefy taste that you don't get from most companies. They usually cover the meat up with seasonings. This tasted fresh, and he was thrilled it was soy-free. Not some chewy stick of spices. Sophia's Survival Foods Milk Jerky Chews helped my husband survive his day.

The Mighty Maca Mango bar was dense, and had a little bit of a nutty texture with a slight hint of mangoes. Very similar in texture to a Larabar, as you find with all date bars. This sample was really small, so there was no way to use it alone for an afternoon snack to see how well it would do. He probably should have taken the Mighty Maca Chocolate bar to make it enough, but that was okay.

The Mini Coco-rooms we've seen at the store before, but we've been standoffish about buying them. These were light, lemony flavored snacks that made for a great morning snack. Tasted like they were the unhealthy kind... sweet and delish!! "Like the real ones."... and my family has been quoted on this.

My Family Loves Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
I would recommend trying this company out. We really enjoyed it and have new items that we will purchase because of the experience. It's easy to order at www.cavecravings.com. You may get Baked & Sweet Items, Bars, Breads, Cereals & Granola, Chips & Crackers, Jerky, Squeeze Pouches and even Trail & Nut Mixes in your box.

So how does it all work? Each month, how it works, is you get over $30 worth of organic, paleo snacks and treats. It's like an adventure in yum every month. You can cancel it at any time, but I am doubtful many of you will cancel. I love their mission, and that they want to help you discover items you will love, and from these great little companies. I would never have found most of these items on my own, and now were consumers of them. Thanks, Cave Cravings!!



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