Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support and Pain Relief for All Ages - Starting with my loves!

We have bad knees in this family. Well, okay, mine are just swollen, however my husband has amazingly bad knees (surgery and otherwise), and my daughter they have wanted to test for autoimmune issues. Now that I know about my own autoimmune disorder, I am pretty sure she is going to have the same thing. She's just turned 11. After the latest wellness conference I started taking everything I'd learned into some documentation to try to sort things through. Being winter my honey was in such pain the other night I decided to use the Force {Wintergreen, Frankincense, Muscle Blend and Birch Essential Oils} and then added in Cedarwood and Rosemary. My husband started Monday back to his workout program, Body Beast, which is a lot of heavy lifting for him, so he was more sore than usual. On vacation we used the cedarwood every day, but I didn't think to use the combination before

So Monday night I applied The Force Plus Yoda (which I'm calling it around the house) and gave him the omegas and some organic turmeric, and then did the oils on my daughter as well. I noticed my daughter just almost lied right down and went straight to sleep. First off she never does that. She uses every bit of energy and is your total ADHD kid that can't just go to sleep. The last time she did something like that was with teething tablets when she was a baby. She'd be in so much pain and when the tablets would finally work, she would be out. Like it was like instant relief. My husband seemed to go to sleep pretty easy as well, and last night he was really complaining and did the same. Into bed and fast to sleep. I've applied this every night since. We also started doing a 'tea'. I mix a capsule of pink Fijian ginger and a capsule of turmeric into warm water, and then add in some vanilla coconut cream. She thinks it's like heaven for both her sore body and her gut. I am pretty sure that it is.

On social media my husband posted, "Actually, I think I've just realized that everything *but* my knees hurts. I'll be keeping on Barbara Christensen's concoction for a few days to see if this keeps up."

This is a guy that often thinks this is all natural hooey. LOL... and now he's sold. Got to love that, and I love that I have something to help him, and my little girl with her pain. I think we'll start with twice a day to see how it goes, but this is a life saver for any sort of muscle/joint pain in my opinion.

So what is in the Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oil Protocol? 

The Force was created by this amazing kid, Patrick. he was diagnosed with childhood arthritis (spondyloathropathy) as well as Enethetis which happens to be another form of arthritis when he was just 11 years old. He had several years of just not feeling good, not being able to play sports with other kids, and had been on medication for six years. He was pretty sick, lots of gut issues and was overweight before essential oils. With his mom 15 year old Patrick decided to make some changes in his life. He went to the allergist, and believe me we go every year. If you have autoimmune issues I would be shocked if you didn't have some allergy isseus as well. So Patrick eliminated the bad foods from his diet, and he started drinking green smoothies and started working out. He felt a vitality and the ability to be a kid! It's amazing!

The Force is his own blend of sore muscle blend, Frankincense, Wintergreen + Birch. He says it helps his arthritic pain, and then when he works out during the day he uses sore muscle blend and Ginger. I added the use of Yoda to make this something more specific for my family. I don't think anyone realized how amazingly powerful The Force Plus Yoda would be...

"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is." - Yoda, to Luke Skywalker 
Rosemary has been used for supporting circulation symptoms, as well as joint and muscle pain. And the Cedarwood has been amazing. Cedarwood essential oil may be useful they say for anxiety, respiratory support, itchy skin, and more. It's the safe "oregano" so that you can apply it to the skin without diluting. It also may help stimulate your body into better sleep... and there it is. The sleep factor. It all made sense to me to use this for my family in a way that I didn't get initially, but knew it was something important. Sometimes we all need a little Yoda in our lives. Powerful, loving, kind, wisdom. 



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