Ocean Avenue I My Earnings As A Founding Gold Ambassador

My Ocean Avenue Earnings

I wanted to share this, but I was really hesitant. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, because honestly I'm kicking myself right now because I haven't given my business the time I should have to be making the money I am making as an Ocean Avenue Ambassador. I've been with Ocean Avenue for almost a year, it's been about 8 months since we first got products, and that is when I really began to build my team of four. But I don't know why I actually stopped there. So I built, and they built, and their builders built a few and I just ordered products to use personally, gave out a few samples and waited. Waiting is the worst thing to do with a new company, but I have to admit that is what I've done. But I have been helping others, and that is the core of my business, but the help I could do with my family, and for my friend's families... so I am picking it up and yelling from the mountain tops about what this business could do for you.

There's a Fire in My Ocean Avenue Business! 

Ocean Avenue I My Earnings As A Founding Gold Ambassador I Barbara Christensen
Now I'm on fire... because I remembered an old post by a friend. I was too scared then to join her company when it first came to me, scared I would not be able to make any money, that I was no good at selling to people... I just like to help others. She posted that post 2 1/2 years ago when her business after 18 months had started making with her two centers and her husband's center $2,000 weekly. She posted the other day she had her first $20,000 week the other day - and I had an aha moment. We are just launching Ocean Avenue this month, September 2013, from the ground floor. The nutritional products are just amazing and made with the BEST ingredients I've seen. We have the exclusive rights to the Ice Elements product line, starting with the Two Minute Miracle (and whatever is launched in two weeks...) and you can't get this from HSN or QVC ever again.

So why have I been sitting on this opportunity? I know that for someone out there reading this that extra $2000 or more per month could save them. It could be the answer to their prayers, and I'm selfish for not sharing how easy this company is to get into. It could save a home, or pay medical costs, or even take a family on vacation for the first time. My family is taking a vacation next month to Disneyland, and then going to go to San Diego and make two weeks out of... all because of my business. So I'm stepping it up because I want to come back in a year or two with my first $20,000 week... I want to help just one person who like me thought they couldn't it!

On top of that the people that we can help who are obese, who are dealing with painful chronic inflammation, that's going to keep my motivated to help others become physically and fiscally healthier going into the Ocean Avenue Launch in Orlando Florida. Think of this as my pre-Success blog... and I'll come back next year in 12 months after launch and share how much this business has truly impacted lives.

Lastly, believe me IF I CAN DO THIS ANYONE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL WITH THIS! If you want to help change lives, enjoy yourself, travel and change your life, contact me!



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