Getting Over the NOW Desire

Getting Over Your NOW Desire

A friend of mine shared this amazing Jim Rohn quote and it really got me thinking...

DESIRE - How does one gain desire? I don't think I can answer this directly because there are many ways. But I do know two things about desire: 

a. It comes from the inside not the outside. 
b. It can be triggered by outside forces.

Almost anything can trigger desire. It's a matter of timing as much as preparation. It might be a song that tugs at the heart. It might be a memorable sermon. It might be a movie, a conversation with a friend, a confrontation with the enemy, or a bitter experience. Even a book or an article such as this one can trigger the inner mechanism that will make some people say, "I want it now!" 

Therefore, while searching for your "hot button" of pure, raw desire, welcome into your life each positive experience. Don't erect a wall to protect you from experiencing life. The same wall that keeps out your disappointment also keeps out the sunlight of enriching experiences. So let life touch you. The next touch could be the one that turns your life around. - Jim Rohn

So are are you ready to work for your desires? 

This is not about getting something you want now, or about a one size fits all product line. I like that this company focuses in on the desires of a full nation of people. I have my products for my crazy insane athletic friends (although Franco Cavaleri would laugh and say, isn't that what WB and Empower are??) but these are products for EVERYONE. 

That's what I love. I can offer Empower to my mom in her 70's to help her not only with her hands, but with the skin cancer issues she is going through. That goes for the WheySmart as well. I can give WheySmart to my friend's kid who really struggles to get something healthy in to help with focus at school in the morning. I can give my husband something that is NOT full of chemicals to help boost his energy and fat burn every morning before work. It's a focus on long term health for all... and that isn't what all companies are providing. 

Keep in mind what you are looking for as you go through this journey. It's different for all, and there is not one road fits all. :)



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