Beyond the Yellow Brick Road of Business Success

Beyond The Trail of Business Success

Dani Johnson, Founder and President of Call To Freedom, Int'l is an internationally sought after author, speaker, success trainer and relationship marketing expert who has helped 10's of thousands improve their lives financially, personally, spiritually and professionally. I love how she has gone from financially broke to being able to see that beyond the money is a spirit... a feeling that you really need to understand in order to be the most successful. She tells it like it is. What I love is that she says  you do not want to be overwhelmed by business. What does that mean? It means you need to find a balance in your life. That means a balance of health, a balance of relationships and that means a balance of spirit. Do you have that? 

The Success Belief 

Why do we all have this belief that in order to be successful you have to put in endless hours. I see it in all areas. People think they need to kill themselves with endless hours of workouts to lose weight. They think that it takes hours of cooking to be able to eat healthy. They think that they have to put in endless hours into a business to get anything out of it. 

None of these statements are in the least bit true!! You have to learn to live a healthier balance because if you do not you will find that once things start moving faster, you will not be able to keep going. You will not be able to run that 23rd mile. You will not be able to keep up with the meals and you'll go back to McDonald's. You will not know where the last 2 years with your kids went. Do you want that??



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