How to use SMO to drag user's attention towards your site

How to use SMO to drag user's attention towards your site

Promoting your business on the web is a low cost marketing strategy and employing social media in your publicity is one of the cost effective and results better outputs. Optimizing company website to social media sites help in increasing a website’s visibility. The following instructions show how to promote your website using SMO to grab reader’s attention.

  • Step1: Join a few appropriate social networks to your business, you must be careful while selecting social media outlet. Know your target market and evaluate how to reach them through social media. 
  • Step2: Understand which social media platform is best suited for your business. Some businesses that are related to entertainment category can easily get benefited from Facebook while business related to technology can receive huge website traffic through Twitter and other social networking channels. 
  • Step3: So, before you begin working with the particular social media channel, determine how you can get benefited from it. At the time of joining an online community especially for business, identify your target customers and start your plan.  
  • Step4: Post content on these networking channels; make sure to develop social media optimized content. This will allow you to widen the exposure of your content across social network channels.  
  • Step5: At the end of every post, don’t forget to provide bio information, this information should include your business purposes, contact details and should consist of a link to your company website.
  • Step6: Ensure to have an active presence in the social community. Commenting to posts on social networks is a good idea; this will prove how active you are on and make you share your ideas to others. 
  • Step7: Drive traffic to your website from social networking channels, this is possible when you interact with people in the social community. Use social channels for business promotion only after reviewing basic rules to follow. 
  • Step8: Promote more information on your business products and sales to users in your subgroup. Make sure to include accurate contact information for your customers so that they can contact you.
  • Step9: Design a business page that doesn’t focus only on business, be sure that this will provide useful information to users. Try to implement something fun on your website such as adding games along with the products and services of your business. 
  • Step10: Your customer should not feel that they have been bombarded with promoting business sales. This could turn them away to somewhere else. To make your customers visit again, update business pages regularly with recent updates and latest information.
  • Step11: Write content for social media press release, this helps in bringing massive potential customers. This offers a great marketing platform for advertisers who want to market their service, product or events. However, many businesses fail to get benefited from the press release as they typically follow traditional approaches. 
  • Step12: Come up with a great headline for your press release, this can grab attention of many readers. Make sure to focus in the right way and create value for it.  

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her blogs @financeport



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