Vietnam celebrates the launch of Ocean Avenue

Vietnam celebrates the launch of Ocean Avenue

Vietnam celebrates the launch of Ocean Avenue Shake The Skinny Whey Barbara ChristensenThis week Fred and Staci Ninow, and Ken Dunn were in Vietnam to launch Ocean Avenue, and will be in Indonesia next week. Ocean Avenue is currently in the pre-enrollment stage accepting people who understand the first mover’s advantage, timing and positioning. This pre-enrollment period is for folks that are business builders who want to capitalize on that first mover advantage. Our pre-launch period will start on November 1st with our official launch planned for the end of February 2013.
Locations: (USA, Canada, Indonesia and Vietnam)
Main headquarters is located in South Jordan, Utah
Toronto, Canada – 5,000 square foot office, fully staffed
Jakarta, Indonesia 4,000 square foot office in a luxury shopping center
Vietnam (expansion planned within a month or two after initial public launch)
Health/Wellness Product Line:
Empower, WheyBeyond, WheySmart, Invigorate and Focus work together to improve every aspect of your health, giving your family the life advantage they deserve. Ocean Avenue’s products were researched and formulated by renowned scientist, Franco Cavaleri BSc NB, a nutritional biochemist and the founder of multiple research and development corporations. His scientific research and development resulted in extensive recognition in the health industry, including distinctive formulation awards and best-seller statuses for his books. Feel free to go to my website for more details on the products.
Ocean Avenue is starting on day 1 with millions of dollars of inventory sitting in the warehouses. Products are being made in USA, Canada and Indonesia. The ability to enroll customers will start November 1st.
Ocean Avenue and Their Focus on the Family:
The company is using an online learning platform that teaches children value based principles that deals with concepts related to success and self-improvement. One feature will include a virtual Time Machine that lets kids create an avatar and go back in time to interact with and learn from figures from history from Einstein to Gandhi. There will also be Kid’s Conventions which will be focused on teaching your children about free enterprise, business ethics and capitalism. I can see this going very far to broaden and deepen the sense of community within the organization, which is what really keeps the good network marketing companies going.
Ocean Avenue is allowing children who are ages 16 and older (with parent’s permission) to sign up in the business.

Ocean Avenue Compensation Plan:

The Ocean Avenue compensation plan is an unique one among MLM companies. Brings the power of the unilevel, matrix, and binary (hybrid binary) compensation plans into a single model. After evaluating the industry, they have chosen to run with a proven plan that takes the best qualities of both the uni-level and binary compensation structures. However, this plan is NOT To be mistaken with the traditional “juice blend cycle” binaries many networker’s are beginning to shy away from.
Ocean Avenue’s compensation structure is heavily focused on the front end of the plan. It provides a much easier opportunity for the average part timer to generate a residual paycheck. The plan offers the stability of a uni-level on the front end and the excitement of a dual structure infinite bonus that maxes out at $75,000 per week! The pay-plan also includes a generational check match and a fun bonus point program that can be used for family trips. One of the most exciting features in Ocean Avenue is dollar for dollar BV on all reoccurring orders! See my website for full compensation plan details.
Family vacations are a key focus for Ocean Avenue. Rather than going the car bonus route, the company has developed a Vacation Club. Meaning, distributors can earn paid family vacations when they order products, promote, build their team, go to conventions. Same with customers– Customers earn points for ordering products and when their children go on Ocean Avenue’s website and learn lessons on entrepreneurship etc. Awesome strategy to help with retention. Why quit your business or stop ordering products (customers) if your getting points to go on paid vacations of your choice?
Growth Potential:
Ocean Avenue did over $600,000 in revenue in 30 hours after accepting pre-enrollments in the U.S. and Canada. This does not include data from Indonesia or Vietnam.

If you are interested in joining with a Founding Ambassador of this amazing organization then please visit and let's get started today.



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