Getting Started With Vegan Paleo : Resources

Getting Started With Vegan Paleo : Resources I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen

Here's where I come in to help you find what you are looking for.  On this post I have listed my must haves, non-negotiable dailies, go-to vegan online spaces. Keep these bookmarked and keep an open mind to help you get more of of 2018, and of course to ensure you stay both mindful, healthy and thriving in your life!


Basic Daily Foods: Vegan encapsulated whole foods and omegas offer me the opportunity to add over 40 fruits and veggies into my diet every day that are non-gmo, the whole fruit (including the most nutritious parts we usually skip) and is a one-stop-shop for all of the support you need in you plant-based lifestyle to help you bridge the gaps we have in today's world. When I add in the nutritional shake mix I also get some Vitamin D, prebiotics and minerals that we all could use a little more of in our lives.

Awesome Feature: Using their children's research program you can order a free child's order with an adult order, which makes it even more impressive. This is how my daughter, and my nephew gets their daily added whole foods. It's how a picky eater gets all of that nutrition that the body craves.


Basic Starters: Finding those additional bloggers that write about veganism in a way that connects to us, is often hard. I have a few that I love their content, and I think that you would as well as you get started in this journey.

Awesome Bloggers:
Oh She Glows
Healthful Pursuits
Thug Kitchen


Basic Local Foods: If you don't have a Whole Foods, Costco, Target or Co-op Store in your neighborhood, then going local with farmers you know and love is essential. Even if you have those I think that when we start first with our local foodies, we get the best that is offered.

Best Feature: When you type in your zip code, you'll find the farmers in your area. I have been watching 'Rotten' on Netflix and it will really open your eyes to commercial farming around the globe and make you more open to connecting with your local farmer that pays attention to what the Earth needs right now, and what we need nutritionally.


Basic Support: The key to maintaining your healthy diet, vegan or not, is having a support group, program, book or plan to follow.

Lineup: I offer a number of programs. I have a monthly ten day program, a 120 day program, my self driven Nourished In 30 book/program, the Winter Grain-free Paleo Program, my Vitality Reset program, and several business programs as well for those of you that run a wellness business. I will also be offering soon a new to Paleo Vegan video and ebook program, and a Clean Eating Program.

10 Day Shred Body Transformation
30 Day Body Transformation
Vitality Reset Program
Nourished In 30 (on Kindle, Soft Cover or E-Book options)

Also check out the groups under the listings above.

5. Travel Food

Basic Travel App: On the road support for vegan food. I love using Happy Cow allows you to type in a city and see what vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants are available, and it also helps when there isn't a Whole Foods that you can just stop at for a quick fit.

Cool Bits: The restaurant listings have photos, reviews, and give you an idea of what you'll pay. From each listing, users can read customer reviews, view user-submitted photos, check out the restaurant’s estimated price level, and instantly access the restaurant’s website and contact info.



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