Undenatured Whey and Meta-Therm are a powerful combination for your body, and against aflatoxins

Undenatured Whey Super Nutrition

Undenatured Whey, it really is impressive stuff because it really does give us the nutrients that your body needs and craves. I watched this video of this little old man and the improvement of his eyesight and was inspired, but it's really something more. I am passionate about this superfood because of the impact of all of these diseases I know this product can help with.

Heat-denatured whey can still cause allergies in some people, which is why people often think they can't use whey proteins. Whey protein contains the amino acid cysteine, which can be used to make glutathione, the mother of antioxidants. Undenatured whey protein can increase cellular glutathione levels. Glutathione is an antioxidant that defends the body against free radical damage and some toxins, and studies in animals have suggested that milk proteins might reduce the risk of cancer.

Undenatured Whey and Ginseng are a powerful combination

Undenatured Whey and Ginseng are a powerful combination for your body, and against aflatoxins I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen Ocean Avenue FounderAflatoxin, an extremely potent carcinogen and major cause of mitochondria damage (thereby having the potential to negatively affect all bodily processes including skeletal muscles), has been shown to be inhibited by undenatured whey protein and a combination of herbal extracts... think the power of the nature with OnlyProtien and Meta-Therm!

I read a study where participants were given a green coffee bean extract supplement that also contains fiber, green tea and ingredients to reduce stress/cortisol levels in between meals. In 90 days the average weight loss was 19 pounds. Completely amazing because some participants were able to significantly decrease their coffee and soda intake and some completely eliminated their cravings for soda and coffee despite they were getting caffeine daily. The combination of these two items are really going to change your health, and do not contain a bunch of ingredients that you can't read, or wouldn't ingest.

SO what are aflatoxins?

Aflatoxins are cancer-causing toxins (or poisons) found in molds that contaminate corn, rice, soybeans, and different nuts. Have you read a label lately? You'll find at least one of those in just about everything on the market. In animals it can cause liver damage, decreased milk and egg production. Exposure is difficult to avoid because most fungal growth in foods is not easy to prevent. So you may have heard me talk about fatty liver before (or NASH) and predominance of women, diabetes, obesity related to it.

Give a month of this combination a try and see how you feel.



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