Muscle Recovery Using Nutrition and Emotional Healing

There are a lot of ways that you can properly recover after a good workout, and the top one that we always talk about is putting back the nutrients that our body recovers to heal our muscles. That means for muscle recovery you need some solid, healthy proteins, good solid fats. We often get sucked into this entire sugar-feeding frenzy to help your  and fast acting carbs. But your body "BURNs" more quality calories all day, and what you may not realize is that there is a lot more that goes into muscle recovery than just simple carbohydrates. In fact you could be too focused on the carbohydrates and that could be causing you to hold on to too much fat stores.

First off your body doesn't have to feed off of sugar, and in the best case it should be feeding off of fat. You are always going to burning calories 24 hours a day. Even when you aren't exercising your body is burning calories. I hear stories all of the time about clients that have issues with their 'low blood sugar' that is what we've programmed our bodies to crave. But you have to remember that some of the calories you are burning during your workout are from fat, some from carbs and a few from protein.But, you do not need to eat sugars to burn sugars. Many of you know that sprinting helps burn off glycating blood sugar and will then encourage your body to store glycogen in the muscles. The not only encourages muscle grown but your muscles are where your body is burning fat, even when you aren't exercising. If you body has these stores it realizes it can let go of fat stores since the demand isn't there. Carbohydrate loading will result in an increase of glycogen stored in your muscles and liver.

Do you want that? 

So what do I use. Well post workout muscle recovery depends on the type of workout. First off if I did cardio (which is usually some sort of tabata or interval workout) then I will go right for my shake mixed with coconut water and some Himalayan salt. If I've done a good solid Beast style strength training workout then I will add  in about a 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries to the mix if I really feel I need it... but you really don't need that, what you need to regulate your system is some relaxation, which is what makes stretching after a workout so important and almost even more important that nutrition.

Emotional Healing with Muscle Movement 

Muscle recovery isn't just about what you are eating, it's about fully being aware of the release of emotion you get from the workout to begin with.

There is a muscle + emotion relationship in your body that makes it so important that you physically move!

One of my amazing coaches has this 'ah-ha' moment today and shared:

"I am starting to think that pent up emotions are stored in our muscles. Every time I hit that spot in the workout where I am really working it and sticking it out through the really hard part, I can feel the emotional release. Weird. I guess that is why they say exercise is a good stress reliever."

That's right!

Often times our emotions are not being expressed or released and they will migrate in our bodies. This blocked emotional energy will manifest itself in your physical body. Your organs have receptors in them just like your brain does. Emotions affect organs and organs are related to muscles. I listened to this amazing TED talk about how we truly have two brains, our digestive brain, and our thinking brain but they both work in very similar manners. If one organ is not balanced then the related muscles will show the signs of this.

So when you think you have gotten beyond an emotion, your mind may move on, but your muscles do not. They still need to work through it. This "emotional armoring,”  was first brought to light by the psychotherapist William Reich. If you do not want to continue to carry around that emotional baggage then you need to find a way to move, and that can be any movement that suits you. the rest will come.

Stretching after your workout does more than just lean out the muscles And when you are doing these long stretches with deep breathing to relax your muscle tissues and liver become depleted of glycogen. Now your muscles need fuel to keep operating and your pancreas will begin to secrete some glucose which will signal your fat cells to let go of excess fat so your body can use it for fuel, and relaxation will let your body release the emotions that it finally worked out in your workout to begin with. When you stretch it's like this welcome sense of opening up your space. It's like you have cleared out a cluttered room and opened the blinds to let the sunlight stream in. So all of this needs to be a part of your recovery because it all works together.



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