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What are you the most passionate about right now? Is it your business, your family, your products, your fitness... if things aren't going your way maybe it's not that you haven't done enough. Maybe it's just that you haven't been aware of what is available to get you to the next level. People aren't always crystal clear when they are moving at hyper speed, and from what I have found, from about age ten to age 80 there is nothing but hyper speed. But the truth is, we get comfortable in being uncomfortable. When another year passes and you still haven't hit the next level, you have to ask why. Is it my website? It is my macros? Is it the burn out? Is it that I am just not open? Stop lying awake at night trying to figure out who you are, and instead just let it be. Let it be and watch and listen. Ask questions? What is it that your body really is craving? What is it that your customers are looking for? What is it that will make your relationship sing? Listen and then follow what feels right. ps: If you want to dive deeper into how to listen into yourself, or find out if there are some intuitive guides wanting to get a message across to you... just let me know. you can find some nutritional answers at the Paleo Vegeo website, or even schedule your appointment. I work with everything from design, to diet, and all that falls in between. Trust that the timing is right for you. Let me help you breakthrough the baggage, and listen to your soul. #bijacoaching #paleovegeo #intuitivecoach #thetruth #timingisalwaysperfect
Here's a little instamood from my day. Joy, Food, Paleo Vegeo, Vegan joy I hope.



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